Rafter Eleven gives wine lovers the chance to travel the globe without leaving town

It’s 2021, the most coveted and sought-after year to date. You’re itching to hop on a plane to just about anywhere. Travel has been limited the past year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a trip through other means. Traveling through taste has always been a favorite pastime at Rafter Eleven … and we believe the best way to experience new places from the comfort of your home (or at your favorite community spot) is through wine. We invite you to join us on a first-class trip around the world. Grab your glass, sit back and relax. The trip has just begun.

Your wine journey around the world begins along the central coast of California, a national hub for wine lovers and connoisseurs alike. You’ve settled into a chilled glass of Chardonnay from J. Lohr Vineyards, the 2018 Cypress Chardonnay to be exact. This intoxicating wine presents aromas of daffodil and citrus, complemented by orange marmalade on the palate with a rich creamy finish, embodying all the characteristics of a perfect oak-barrel-aged Chardonnay. You trill the last sip of the perfectly straw-colored wine in your glass and prepare for your next stop.

After a wine-infused nap, you have arrived in Southern France, the home of traditional style Rosé wine. A glass of pink and grey Gris Blanc finds its way into your hands from the vineyards of Gerard Bertrand. The South of France produces grapes that are able to fully ripen thanks to the balmy air and steady humidity-removing winds produced by the lingering Mediterranean Sea. These ideal conditions create a wine with a slight sparkle and enlightening freshness. and full fruit flavor. After a light appetizer of scallops, it’s time to travel along the Mediterranean to your next destination: Spain.

Spain is one of the world’s main producers of wine. With its focus on everything red, Spain is often known for its Tempranillo or Rioja varietals, but it also produces an array of delightful red blends. The blend on hand at Rafter Eleven is called Blau; it’s a combination of Carinena, Syrian, and Garnacha. This bold dark fruit blend has notes of woodsmoke and violets on the nose with blackberry and cassis coming through on the palate. With zesty acidity and harmonious tannins, this red blend embodies true Spanish flavors.

The last stop on your trip may be considered an underrated wine region, South Africa. The coastal region produces unique cabernets, and a personal favorite is the M.A.N. Cab. This cab not only comes from a unique place but also has a unique story behind it. The wine itself was created by three friends who wanted to get into the wine business, but they also wanted the approval of their wives so they named their wine after them, using the ‘M’ from Marie, ‘A’ from Anette, and ’N’ from Nicky, thus creating the M.A.N. Cab. This cab is balanced with notes of currants, hazelnuts, and toasted bread that showcases the terroir of South Africa’s “greenness.”

Now that you’ve visited some of the best wine regions in the world it is time to take your last sip of wine and put your seat in its upright and locked position as you prepare for landing. With just a single glass and four very different wines, you were able to transport yourself across the world and experience the best of what these wine regions have to offer. We hope you enjoyed your first international trip with Rafter Eleven and look forward to your next adventure with us in other regions such as Argentina, Portugal, and New Zealand.

Rafter Eleven is at 2985 N. Centre Court, in Prescott Valley. For more information call 928.227.2050 or visit www.raftereleven.com.