Family-run Business Asks, “Is Your Landscape Ready to Bounce Back this Spring?”

By Tracey Horn, Helken & Horn Ad Agency

To say your landscaping has experienced The Big Chill this winter would be an understatement.

It’s time to prepare it to warm up to a pleasant spring, but what to do and when? It’s easy when you trust landscape professionals to make your home your pride and joy.

Owners of Prescott Landscape Professionals, Josh and Laura Crothers, can help make it happen.

“As our season transitions into warmer months, you’ll need to adjust your irrigation controller to increase the amount of water you use and adjust your start time to run earlier. This way your landscape will make maximum use of the water,” explained Josh.

After a long winter nap, your plants need food to wake up to warmer temperatures. The pros at Prescott Landscape Professionals recommend a spring/summer-specific fertilizer to feed plants and trees. Because of the beautifully unique climate in the highlands, residences feature everything from desert xeriscapes to alpine landscapes and each has its own unique needs. This is where Prescott Landscape Professionals can assist you to get things growing.

Prescott Landscape Professionals is on the grow, too. They have recently acquired Nature West Inc. to add design work and distinctive water feature capabilities to make your yard shine.

Nature West’s Bob Vastine started the business 18 years ago in Prescott and will run the design/build side of Prescott Landscape Professionals.

Josh said, “We’re thrilled to be able to have this opportunity to expand our business with Bob and his crew of 18, and we look forward to working with Bob’s clientele. He’s very creative and in tune with the natural environment and his horticultural knowledge is an amazing addition to our services.”

Prescott Landscape Professionals has been serving the Quad Cities area for the past nine years. From initial consultations and estimates, to project implementation, crew supervision and follow-up, they ensure project goals are translated and finished to expectations.

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