Touchmark Residents Enjoy Security, Amenities, and, Most Importantly, a Wonderful Atmosphere

People who live and work at Touchmark at The Ranch regularly comment about how comfortable the environment is and how it feels like everyone is part of one vibrant, growing, welcoming family. This is especially true for Julie Calkins, Business Office Manager at the full-service retirement community.

“For me, Touchmark is the intersection of where I live, work, play, and where my parents live,” she said. “It’s rewarding in so many ways!”

Julie, who has a degree in accounting, said she and her husband moved to the Prescott area from Phoenix five years ago. In addition to their home in Prescott, they own five acres in Mayer, where they and their chickens, bees, birds, feral cats, and dogs have “wide open spaces to roam with nothing around us.”

This love of nature stems naturally from Julie’s deep roots growing up in North Dakota. She explained that her parents, Maurus and Bernice Bachmeier, followed her to Phoenix.

“After we moved to Prescott, my folks looked at most of the retirement communities in Phoenix; that’s when I noticed Touchmark being built. They toured, visited the Clubhouse and met Touchmark’s founder and chairman, and decided to build a home here.”

Weighing the cost of Touchmark versus owning a home

Maurus explained, “I looked at the cost of utilities, insurance, security, vehicles, and unexpected repairs and came to the conclusion that Touchmark had value to us. In addition, living at Touchmark removed the usual worries of living on your own — both health-wise and from a security standpoint.”

He went on to compare life in Phoenix with life at Touchmark. “There, neighbors would drive into their garages, close the doors, and you’d never seem them again. Here, you walk to the mailbox, and before long, there are eight or more people congregating. Honestly, to us, Touchmark is a peace of mind. There are so many everyday things you need not worry about anymore.”

Bernice quickly added, “We love having the Health & Fitness Club close by and learning to play pickleball! It’s also fun getting to know new people.”

What does Julie think? “The best thing is looking out my window and seeing my mom and dad going for their morning walk and being able to attend Touchmark events and have dinner or cocktails with them periodically. Truly, all people just blossom overtime after they move here!”

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