Suze’s Prescott Center for the Arts Continues to Expand: New Studio Theater Opens this Winter

The newest addition to the SPCA property is the Studio Theater, which opens this winter! Members of the SPCA board have been busy seeing this to fruition for the past several years, and as it nears completion, they are excited to share it with the community.

The new Studio Theater will house not only a 99-seat theater in the round with LED lighting, digital sound, and 360-degree projection capabilities, but it also includes multi-use classroom space, an art gallery, rehearsal space, box office and concessions, costume and prop storage, and an outdoor amphitheater/event space.

Prescott Woman Magazine reached out to board members for their comments on the importance of the new Studio Theater for the community:

Ali Cassidy, Board President and Mental Health Provider at the Prescott VA

“People who have attended a tour of the new building will see that it is really a center for all the arts.  It will give the community space to explore, learn, create, perform, and display multiple kinds of arts and theater.  The most important thing is more space.  The new building will allow us to rehearse a show while having one on stage at the Cabaret. Expanded space for digital media and costumes will enable us to teach the next generation about backstage theater operations and will allow us to un-stuff the current storage spaces, putting them to more productive use.  Finally, the Studio Theater will allow us to offer a wider variety of theater experiences, while still maintaining the Cabaret for all-time favorites.  It will also ensure that our youth programs can survive and thrive.  Lack of space has put a crimp in how many kids we can serve, and the large rehearsal spaces in the new building will create more options for kids to gain the incredible academic and life lessons learned when participating in theater and all the arts.  I encourage everyone to book a tour of the new space and consider helping us get the building over the finish line to completion.  It will be a boon to the whole community for the next 50 years!”

Christine Scott, Board Past-President, and Director of Curriculum Development at Adtalem Global Education

“An expanded campus and facilities (more than 8,000 square feet in the new building) will allow us to grow into our name as a full-service, multi-disciplinary center for the arts, especially as we expand programming for our youth. Imagine this future: fine arts classes including ceramics, a video-editing studio, costume design and construction opportunities, puppet workshops, performing arts workshops including dance, voice, and drama — just to name a few opportunities — all on one campus! A special centerpiece will be our new 100-seat amphitheater which is a unique space in our quad-city area. We appreciate support from our communities in closing the final funding need and sharing this wonderful center with everyone.”

Jan Eastin, Board Vice President

“As the new(er) kid on the SPCA block, I defer to my more SPCA-experienced, more eloquent colleagues to answer your specific questions. Finally moving to Prescott, a year ago, after living in Phoenix for decades, I revel in the difference between the two: The Phoenix metro area is one vast market, with no particular personality of its own. The minute I saw Prescott for the first time, I knew I had come full circle from my small, idyllic hometown back in Illinois. That feeling hasn’t changed over the years.  That said, working with SPCA, I had expected to find retailers and citizens all locked into supporting each other, completing the very definition of community. The pandemic did us no favors and starting over from near scratch takes time, money, and commitment. I intend to help SPCA become that idealized version of a true ‘hometown community center,’ for one and all, nourishing our souls.”

Elise Olding, Board Member and Managing Director of Next Change Consulting LLC 

“As Prescott grows, the new Studio Theater will enable us to better serve the community and put the arts front and center. Importantly, we will be able to expand our youth programs to impart lifelong skills that build confidence, spur creativity, and enhance communications. These are critical leadership skills that are often overlooked and underfunded.”

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