Suze’s Prescott Center for the Arts welcomes new gallery space and a new gallery manager

By Breeanya Hinkel | Courtesy Photos

You may have noticed the completion of the new Suze’s Prescott Center for the Arts (SPCA) Studio Theater, but did you also notice the new gallery within that space?  SPCA is excited to use this space for exhibits that complement the seasons and shows held in the new studio theater.

While the focus is shifting toward the new gallery space, the current Gallery and Gift Shop beneath the Main Stage on Willis Street will transition to become an Artist Lounge. The lounge will become a safe and creative space for all ages to come to relax while getting to partake in whichever creative medium they like. Everyone from musicians to painters to sculptors to admirers will find solace in the lounge, where local artist exhibits will be on display seasonally.

“This new gallery will offer not only more space to celebrate our local artists but will also serve as a creative space for the community to come together and make connections,” said Dandelion Venture, gallery manager. “This helps to continue growth in our loving town and arts center. I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come!”

Dandelion, who SPCA welcomed recently, moved to Chino Valley from San Diego at age four with her family including her great-grandmother, who enrolled Dandelion in a community youth performing arts program.

Throughout her youth, Danielle was a part of SPCA while partaking in the Summer Youth Programs and the Young Playwright festival. It inspired her to continue pursuing the arts in school and she pursued show choir, community theater, advanced drama, and technical theater. She continued to build her passions after graduation in New York City at a college specializing in performing arts. A travel-filled decade later, she was reintroduced to SPCA while participating as stage manager for “Anything You Hear, and Only Half of What You See.”

“Adding an additional gallery allows us to expand our visual arts programming in new and exciting ways,” said Ali Cassidy, a member of the SPCA Board of Directors. “Our initial focus will be complementing the studio theater shows with art exhibits that align to the literary themes of the play. We will also explore these themes in art activities for kids, artist talks, improv activities, and a host of other offerings to interconnect all arts into a comprehensive experience.”

For more information about SPCA or the gallery visit, email [email protected] or call 928.237.1091.