Owner of Hometown Aesthetics and Wellness strives to help patients feel their absolute best

By Hilary Dartt

As a Nurse Practitioner, Laura Gray has found her sweet spot.

Her career has included some pretty exciting components. She became a registered nurse before turning twenty-one and worked as a MediVac flight nurse/Emergency Medical Services provider before joining a primary care practice in Prescott in 2020.

In 2021, the Prescott native shifted gears and opened Hometown Aesthetics and Wellness, through which she strives to help patients feel their absolute best using functional medicine; vitamin, hydration, weight loss, and hormone therapy; and a range of aesthetic services including wrinkle relaxers, plasma therapy, and more.

“I wanted to be part of the lives of patients who wanted more for themselves,” she said.

In Laura’s book, “wellness” means “taking steps each day to improve your health and give your body time to fight the world we live in today.” The term applies to the mind as well as the body.

Laura explained that she prefers the wellness model to the primary care model because she’s able to spend more time with patients as they need it, work with people who are invested in their health, and take a preventative (rather than a reactive) approach.

Since opening Hometown Aesthetics and Wellness, Laura said, she’s found “patients are more engaged, ask more questions, and manage their health.”

They understand that “it’s their health, not mine,” she said.

On the wellness side, Laura said, most of her patients are either those who don’t have any experience with hormone and wellness care, or those who have worked with other providers and are looking for someone who will listen, teach them, walk them through what’s going to happen, and be transparent.

Much of her work is about setting realistic expectations about what will happen along with timelines for when.

“I love watching my patients take charge of their health,” she said, adding that she hopes to “give them a little more confidence on their health journey.”

On the aesthetics side, she said, “I absolutely love everything about aesthetics. I love the ability to make a simple, seemingly small change, watching it influence a person’s entire self-esteem and their relationships and confidence.”

Laura, a double board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Acute Care Practitioner, graduated from Tri-City Prep in 2006, and went on to earn her nursing degree at Yavapai College. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Grand Canyon University, and a master’s degree from each University of Phoenix and Grand Canyon University. In addition to her work in primary care, she practiced as a hospitalist in Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit and General Medicine until earlier this year when she went to work at the Veterans Affairs Hospital’s Emergency Department to maintain her skills.

Hometown Aesthetics and Wellness is at 1000 Willow Creek Road in Prescott. For more information and a full list of services, visit https://hometownaestheticsandwellness.com. Call 928.460.9866. Follow Hometown Aesthetics and Wellness on Instagram @hometownaestheticsprescott and on Facebook @hometownaestheticsandwellnessAZ.