Third-generation owners of Haley Construction take pride in their work and the community

By Joanna Nellans

Haley Construction has established a deep foundation in Prescott, and that foundation only continues to build with the third generation of owners.

Jim and Frances Haley brought their construction business to Prescott in 1960, which likely makes Haley Construction the oldest continually running general contractor in Yavapai County. Jim and Fran passed the business on to their sons Tom and Bill in the 1970s. Then Tom’s daughter Gillian and stepson Allan Crary bought the business in 2014.

Gillian’s grandparents ran the business out of an office next to their home on Rocky Dells Drive. By her preteens, Gillian was picking up job site trash and working in the office. While her grandfather passed away before she was born, Gillian was fortunate to develop a close relationship with her grandmother who continued to live on the family property next to the office.

“She taught me the importance of being fair and kind, and being involved in your community,” Gillian said. “She had so much integrity and grace.”

From her father and her uncle, Gillian learned to get the details right. “My dad literally had a white glove he’d use to check the top of door frames before turning a new home over to the owners,” she said. “As I got older, I understood; that is taking pride in your work.”

Gillian’s decision to join the family business wasn’t automatic. She earned a bachelor’s in International Relations at Northern Arizona University, then headed off to work for a huge international law firm in London and New York City. Her dad recommended a new opportunity to earn a master’s in Real Estate Development at Arizona State University, which ultimately led to her joining the family business in 2009.

As Gillian and Allan joined forces with her father and uncle in restoring the historic Elks Opera House, Gillian soon realized she and Allan make a great team. While Allan is detail-oriented like her father and uncle, Gillian is more of a big-picture type.

“A shared passion in our company is the joy we find when we are lucky enough to be involved in restoring Prescott’s historical buildings and homes,” Gillian said. It’s no surprise she also enjoys discovering old treasures at thrift stores.

As longtime members of the community, Gillian said, “We are especially grateful to be a trusted member of the Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation. We appreciate all of their efforts to increase the economic well-being of everyone in our community. We all have to work together to preserve the things we love.”

Gillian’s life is now coming full circle, as she just bought her grandmother’s Rocky Dells home.

“Now my kids are going to run around in the yard while I’m working,” she beams.