Pet Headquarters serves as a one-stop-shop, offering a variety of products and services

When we think of pet healthcare we may think of the usual needs like veterinary visits, healthy pet food, supplements, and exercise. The team at Pet Headquarters blends the healthcare needs of humans with the needs of their pets.  From CBD to chiropractic to pet training, humans and pets alike can enjoy a long healthy life.

CBD Oil for Pet Health

The Happy Hippie CBD is owned by husband-and-wife team Steven and Jodi Ross. During his employment at a medical marijuana laboratory, Steve held the roles of purchasing, financial, and wholesale manager as well as the inventory manager and compliance officer. In these roles, he sourced only the highest, medical-quality ingredients at the best possible prices. As a wholesale manager, he was able to see the vast array of products on the market and was able to discover that most “CBD” products do not contain even a fraction of the medicinal products they claim. In fact, many of them that claim to be CBD are a mixture of other seed oils to create a blend that mimics a CBD effect.

“CBD is the gas pedal on the car,” Steve said. “The other terpenes and cannabinoids are the steering wheel.”

Not only are Happy Hippie CBD products people-friendly, Steve said, but he also created simplified formulas for pets including both liquid oil and pet treats formulated with peanut butter. The CBD pet products help ease anxiety, seizures, and aches and pains.  A pet can enjoy all the benefits of CBD without the THC, and humans can feel good about giving their furry best friends wholesome, plant-based treats!

Curious about the ingredients behind the pet treats?  They include all-natural peanut butter, organic MCT (coconut) oil, yogurt chips (for stability), cinnamon, turmeric, CBD isolate, and a proprietary blend.

Human products vary as well so they can be specialized for unique needs.  The Happy Hippie CBD products include Bad Tummy, Brain Juice, Just Chill (for daytime use), Painless, and Stupid Sleep (for nighttime use).

The Happy Hippie CBD offers premium cannabinoid elixirs that are third-party lab tested and child-, pet-, and pregnancy safe.

Pick up pet-friendly products at Pet Headquarters. For human products, shop online at:

Training for a Good, Long, and Healthy Life

Lyman and Jamie Louthian are the owners of Trees and Life Dog Training, which is located at Pet Headquarters. You will find Lyman working the front of Pet Headquarters often, answering questions about general pet care. He also has a hands-on approach to dog training.

Lyman has trained more than 150 dogs over the past three years, using a one-on-one private class method that takes five weeks and allows a human to become the pack leader. Lyman is heavily invested in training both the owner and the dog to maintain a lifestyle that allows both the family members and the dog to excel. Lyman’s previous career working with at-risk youth has allowed him to work with not only family pets but also the kids in the family with patience.

During the training sessions, expect to start distraction-free in the Pet Headquarters warehouse. The human and dog will move toward more challenging sessions.

“It takes imagination, planning, and commitment to become a pack leader,” said Lyman, “but you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks.”

To inquire about dog training, visit Pet Headquarters, call 928.775.5558, or go online to

Raw Dog Food – The “Ancestorial Diet”

Traditionally, raw dog food has been a beneficial, high-quality, yet expensive option for feeding our four-legged friends. Now, due to both shortages in supplies and the rising cost of canned food, the costs of raw dog food options are increasingly becoming equal to those of quality canned food.

When we feed raw (or partially cooked) foods to our animals, it is the closest we can come to what is called an ”ancestorial diet.” This simply means it’s the closest to what they would eat in the wild. When our dogs eat processed food, meaning baked or extruded, a large portion of the nutrition is ruined during the cooking process. Raw food maintains all the nutritional value just as it does in the wild. Our animals eat less raw food, get more benefit from it, and produce less, more consistent waste.

The aluminum can shortage is not going to pass anytime soon, as the first American plant for making cans is still a couple years from completion. We recommend that during this time you try some of our hand-selected brands for your dog’s health. The cost isn’t much more, but the benefits are far greater. Pet Headquarters also guarantees all our dog foods so if you try a bag and it does not work for you and your dog, simply bring it back and we’ll swap you out with a new option until we get it right. If you’ve ever been curious about trying raw foods for your dog or cat, there’s never been a better time to try than now.

Available raw food brands include:  My Perfect Pet, Tuckers, Northwest Naturals, Instinct, Small Batch, A Pup Above, The Honest Kitchen, Stella and Chewy, New Zealand Pet Food Company, and Primal.

To inquire about our raw food availability and other healthy options, visit Pet Headquarters, call 928.775.5558, or visit