Mortimer Farms Offers Customized Options for an Elegant, Natural, Rustic, Wedding … Gather and Celebrate Your Way

As I close my eyes and picture my fairytale wedding, I picture natural elements, romantic lighting, huge trees, outdoor space, and plenty of room for those closest to me to celebrate. Now, close your eyes. Picture your fairytale wedding. Envision the décor, the flowers, the view, the food, the dress, the guests, and the venue.

Keep your eyes closed and listen to these words: elegant, beautiful, charming, spectacular panoramic views, 100-year-old trees, gorgeous landscaping, romantic lighting, and farm fields filled with strawberries, flowers, and corn stalks. Do these words align with your perfect wedding? If they do, I have the perfect venue for you.

Mortimer Farms is the most elegant, beautiful, and charming property — and it offers multiple venue options. The beauty of The Barn and The Grove at Mortimer Farms makes wedding dreams come true.

The Barn

This is an indoor/outdoor space that protects from the elements yet allows for a rustic, outdoor farm feel. The Barn is surrounded by acres of seasonal crops. As many as 350 guests will have a spectacular panoramic view of an actual working farm. The 100-year-old shade trees, gorgeous plush lawn, romantic lighting, and rustic barn charm make for the perfect setting. In addition, this location includes a suite for the wedding party to get ready and a charming restroom for guests.

The Grove

Nestled amongst beautiful 100-year-old cottonwoods, guests will find a pergola, as well as strings of Edison lights hanging between the trees. As many as 200 guests will enjoy the unique paver patio and natural landscaping. This location is a short walk from The Barn. The path to The Grove is lined with Cottonwood trees and farm fields. A private, romantic, and elegant feel greets guests as they arrive at The Grove and take in the views of the farm and the Bradshaw mountains beyond.
Many of our couples envision both venues; one to host the romantic ceremony and the other to host the reception. This is an option as Mortimer Farms customizes your perfect wedding package, one that completes all your dreams and creates your fairytale wedding.

To help you choose the perfect wedding venue (or two), Mortimer Farms offers these helpful tips:

  • Choose a venue that aligns with your vision. Mortimer Farms connects to those looking for an elegant, natural, outdoor, rustic farm feel.
  • Know your guest list. Mortimer Farms can accommodate small elopements to large weddings of 350 guests. We also have options to add Grain Train Rides for older guests or those who have difficulty walking from one venue to the next.
  • Remember what is included. Not only is the venue included in each of Mortimer Farms packages, but so is farm-to-table food, tables, linens, chairs, tableware, table, chair set up and clean up, and more.
  • Stay true to yourself. It is important to choose a space and design that feel authentic and represent who you are, as a couple. Each couple can decorate the venues at the farm to match their theme and vision. The venues are your canvas. Individualizing them creates a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, personalized space.

The best part of choosing a venue is deciding where all your closest friends and family can gather and celebrate together. Whether you are looking for a stunning barn, an elegant outdoor garden, a warm and cozy rustic theme, or a quiet farm field, Mortimer Farms would love to be a part of making your dream wedding a reality. Cheers to your engagement, cheers to your love, and cheers to forever.

Please contact Mortimer Farms to schedule a personal tour of The Venues: [email protected].