The Boys & Girls Clubs are committed to doing whatever it takes to give youth positive outlets

By Alex Heinemann

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Arizona have served our local communities for almost 30 years. We are proud to be a leader in after-school and summer services for all children ages six to 18. We are best known for taking care of those that need us most and providing safe spaces essential for childcare, but we aspire to do more – to do whatever it takes for great futures. We are excited to announce that our vision for our local Clubs is to be the greatest thing to do after school. When it comes to our youth, everyone needs support, and all parents and guardians are tirelessly looking for opportunities and positive outlets for their kids.

Our Clubs in Prescott and Prescott Valley are open and have no waitlist. We have the capacity to serve youth in so many ways and we want every child to be a part of the adventure. The Clubs provide new and innovative after-school programming beyond the norm, as well as the necessary support for academic success to all. Our summer program will be more than just day-long childcare. The Clubs offer all the fun and adventure found in traditional camping experiences. Our STEM Programs dive into the sciences and expose kids to new methods of learning and experiencing technology and engineering. Our multimedia program embraces social media, e-sports, videography, and moviemaking to enrich youth their level of interest and understanding.

Over the past year alone, our local Clubhouses provided 15,263 Clubhouse visits and 3,160 hours of programming. However, the true impact of the Club on our members’ lives is long-lasting and cannot be immeasurable. From supporting academic success to fostering healthy habits, character and leadership, the Clubs are an empowering service for youth and their families.

Boys & Girls Clubs member Becca* is six years old and she is always moving. Her favorite Club activities are dance class, dance class, Dancing for the Stars dance class, and performing at Dancing for the Stars. Every week Becca is so excited to show all the staff and her parents the moves she learned and practiced in dance class.  Join the Clubs with the mission of doing whatever it takes for great futures for kids like Becca!

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*Member name has been changed.