Thanks to a close-knit community, high expectations, and a variety of opportunities, the students at BASIS Prescott are thriving

Welcome to BASIS Prescott!

The close-knit, supportive culture at BASIS Prescott reflects the values and spirit of Prescott’s small-town community and contributes to the high student achievement that is a hallmark of BASIS Charter Schools. A world-class, tuition-free K–12 program prepares students for every step of their academic journey, beginning in kindergarten.

Community connection

BASIS Prescott Head of School Abby McCarty says connection is key: “It’s vital that teachers form connections that build community and provide support.”

During last spring’s transition from on-campus to distance learning, she encouraged communication and collaboration among the BASIS Prescott community, reminding students, teachers, staff, and families that they are in this together.

“We are BASIS Prescott,” she says. “At our core, we work hard. We grow. We solve problems.  We organize. We tackle the tough things and learn from it. We juggle numerous tasks. We have fun. We embrace new things. We explore with open minds.”

High expectations

BASIS Charter Schools are renowned for high standards that yield high achievement, and expectations have not changed, on campus or online. 

Kimberly Weaver has taught middle school math at BASIS Prescott since it opened in 2014. She explains how higher expectations allow students to grow outside arbitrary grade-level limits. “It’s not about how ‘smart’ a student is, it’s about the effort and dedication they put into their future,” she says.

At math competitions, although BASIS Prescott is smaller than most schools, its team members typically outnumber the students of any other school—with BASIS Prescott students in grades 5 and 8 competing in the same division.

Supporting success

Kyle Ritland teaches Honors English Literature and Composition, and he would not want to work anywhere else. He says, “The exceptional student effort, the tangible administrative support, and the overall commitment to excellence create an environment that a teacher doesn’t want to leave.”

What he loves most about BASIS Prescott is the prevalent support of teachers, staff, and administration. He says it’s common for coworkers to go well out of their way to help out a peer, knowing they’ll surely receive help in return when it’s needed.

Unlimited opportunity

Danielle Longworth teaches high school English. She says many people don’t realize that the academic rigor and accountability are well-balanced by a thriving arts program taught by professional artists.

“The community goes well beyond the brick and mortar,” she says. “I have traveled to see club soccer games, roller hockey tournaments, community theatre. From mechanics to slime club and volleyball to our State Champion Golf team, there’s truly something for everyone at our school…In fact, I would say that BASIS Prescott offers even more than any other school in our community can provide.”

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