Prescott Patina Owner Melinda Weaver Strives to Help Customers Bring Joy Into the Everyday 

By Tara Fort 

Prescott Patina shop owner Melinda Weaver loves bringing history and stories to life through her collection of unique items from antique to modern.

“We have the pleasure of unearthing beautiful, loved items and rehoming them,” she said.

Though the shop opened three months before the pandemic shutdown, Weaver remains grateful for the opportunity to live in Prescott and own a successful business downtown. “The support and love from the locals kept us afloat, which was incredibly gratifying. Our wonderful team members, including our children and dogs, bring a sense of welcome to everyone who visits. We are truly a family business!”

Born in Germany and raised in Connecticut, Weaver’s love for—and interest in—arts, antiques and history as a teen solidified her focus and lifelong passion.

While on a cross country trip, Weaver met her husband Jerry at the Grand Canyon and said, “We have worked in this industry together since soon after we met in areas spanning from California to Maine and now Prescott, a town we frequented thirty years ago.”

Weaver’s family and team are thrilled to have a business located on Whiskey Row Alley just blocks from their home, and relish in the vibrant spirit of which Prescott is so proud. “The amazing geographic variety, the historic downtown and the wonderful and friendly people are what make Prescott the perfect place to settle our family and business.”

Joining the collective of antique stores in the area, Weaver remains dedicated in helping buyers find exactly what they need through her many resources. “We can custom fit a plan of purchase to what people are seeking for their own homes, and we often have the pleasure of working with local realtors for staging items in unique settings.  The items that attract me are the ones that bring pleasure—from modern to antique. We seek art, sculpture, jewelry, and furniture that bring joy into the everyday. There would be no point in things or beauty if those items didn’t speak to our souls.”

That sentiment is shared by clientele who frequent the shop and Weaver added, “We are constantly seeking, buying, and bringing in new merchandise, and it is so gratifying to match the perfect item with a loving new home.”

Whether clearing an entire estate or a simple downsizing project, the Prescott Patina staff can assist in item valuation and content disbursement. From the museum-quality art covering every wall to an amazing variety of Native jewelry, pottery and weavings, Weaver brings a distinct perspective to the trade.

“Over many years of buying and selling original art, jewelry, sculptures, and other treasures, we have developed a visual style based on quality and uniqueness. What sets us apart is our desire to promote a lifestyle based on sustainability with a historical perspective. Conserve the past, create a future.”

For more information on Prescott Patina, call or text 207-322-7740, email [email protected], visit, or stop by the shop at 209 W. Gurley Street on Historic Whiskey Row Alley in Prescott.