Prescott-based Realtor® Enjoys Helping Her Connections Mix It Up

Prescott Woman Magazine interviewed Karen Piet, Re/Max Realtor® and member of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce. We learned about how much she values personal connections.

PWM: For how long have you been a member of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce?

Karen: I joined following the Women in Business Luncheon on May, 11, 2022! I was invited by my friend and lender, Wendi Lancy of Guaranteed Rate Mortgage.

PWM: Tell us about what brought you to Prescott.

Karen: We moved to Flagstaff 30 years ago from Southern California. It has been my goal for about 10 years to relocate to the Prescott area due to the milder winters and not-too-hot summers. I enjoy being in an area with four seasons and more housing choices — single-level homes being primary. This has been a challenging housing market for many, but the Prescott area offers more options and is still competitive in pricing compared to other parts of the state. I have been a Realtor® for 18 and-a-half years and love what I do! My youngest kid lived here at the time, so that was also a big drive to be here sooner than later.

PWM: What about the Prescott Chamber is different from other organizations in the area, and what do you personally enjoy best about being part of it?

Karen:  I enjoy the Chamber opportunities to network and build up my vendor list to connect my clients with trusted professionals and services in the area. The Chamber also offers opportunities for community involvement and connections to business providers who understand and appreciate working by referral and providing excellent customer service. Not to mention the powerful financial impact the Chamber has had on the community!

PWM: Do you serve in any additionoal roles within the Chamber?

Karen: I just joined, and I look forward to finding the right fit for getting more involved and meeting folks!

PWM: Do you have family here? Children? Other activities in which you participate?  

Karen: I am married to a wonderful man who also has a private practice and runs his own business. On a side note, we were married last August in a small, personal ceremony in our own living room! I am a former wedding coordinator. I used to help people plan their dream weddings, and now I have the good fortune of helping folks find their dream home!

PWM: How are you involved in the community?

Karen: My main thrust so far has been meeting business partners who are integral to my real estate practice. I have been business coached by Buffini & Company for more than 17 years. My coach encourages regular visits to my client base and vendors by delivering small gifts so I remain top of mind — folks cannot refer you if they don’t remember your name! I belong to a nationwide referral network and can connect folks to Realtors all over the country for friends and family who need an excellent agent to take care of them in another location, both for buying and selling.

PWM: What else do you want to add that people might not know about you or what you do or offer?

Karen: I keep in touch on many levels by personal visits, client parties, networking, phone calls, hand-written notes, postcards, and inviting folks to be part of my client appreciation program. I am also a believer in hand-written personal notes, which seem to be rare in our technological world. Sometimes there’s no replacement for direct human interaction. I strive to create an environment of contact, care, and community by offering opportunities for clients to mix it up with other clients, vendors, friends, neighbors, and business partners on a more personal level, including promoting community events to get together. The one thing the people at my events have in common is me, for which I am very grateful! I am proud to be a part of this community and meet the wonderful business partners that help make transactions and client’s lives run smoothly! I am an avid reader devoted to personal growth and fitness. I would also like to obtain my private pilot license as I have previously taken aviation ground school and loved it! I enjoy cooking, entertaining, decorating, and shopping for client gifts that blow their socks off, customized to their personal preferences and families! It’s also a wonderful chance to introduce people new to the area and promote our amazing restaurants and activities!