Through meaningful relationships, the Women of the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce support a thriving, successful environment for local businesses and residents

By Hilary Dartt

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said, “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

Nowhere is that truer than the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce, where the entire employee roster is made up of women … women who have a passion for building and developing a prosperous network of business, economic, and community success.

“We are, together, reinventing everything,” said Marnie Uhl, the Chamber’s President/CEO.

The Right Team

She said “creating the right team” is paramount to fulfilling an organization’s mission. Each member of this particular team brings a fresh perspective, creativity, and respect.

Katey Swann, Membership Services Manager, said, “We’re all really driven. Because we’re all such determined people, we come together to create really awesome events for our members to engage in.

“As people, we create a welcoming environment,” said April Siebersma, Project Coordinator. She added, “Our unique personalities balance each other out.”

Kim Menosky, Programs and Events Manager, spent years working in a corporate setting before joining the chamber. “It’s definitely a change of pace,” she said, adding that it’s a welcome one.

“I very much enjoy working in a smaller office.” Not only do items receive approval faster, but “We all really like each other and work really well together.”

Gloria Grose, Director of Accounting and Finance, has worked at the chamber for 16 years. She retired a year and a half ago but found she couldn’t sit at home “not doing anything,” and asked Marnie if she could come back and handle the bookkeeping. She considers the friendships with her co-workers “priceless.”

Working—and Succeeding—Together

One of the secrets to the chamber’s success: “We just roll with it,” Marnie said, adding that the team’s attitude is, “Let’s make this work.”

April cites “the ease of transactions” with members as a sign that the chamber is doing great. If she has to change a scheduled event, people are generally amiable. When the chamber helps with ribbon-cutting ceremonies or puts on other events, members “express feeling appreciated by us.”

April and Marnie both have theater backgrounds, and April said she thinks of some of the chamber’s duties and events as having theatrical overtones and being “improvisational.”

An all-woman staff brings to the job helpful feminine qualities: they read vibes, develop creative solutions, and get things done.

“We’re in tune with each other’s emotions,” Katey said, which enables them to notice when someone is feeling off and offer support.

Kim said she appreciates that Marnie gives her team members creative leeway, empowering them to make decisions.

Forming Friendships

The women of the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce work well together—and they also play together. They’ve put together teams for bowling and mini golf tournaments, not just to support local charities but also to hang out and enjoy each other’s company.

In fact, Gloria said she hangs around the office to socialize even after her work is done.

“Our conversations are amazing,” Kim said.

“This team only sees exciting opportunities and is taking this Chamber of Commerce to the next level of excellence,”  said Marnie.

The chamber offers regular educational and networking events for members (quarterly breakfasts, lunch-and-learn events, mixers, and more), as well as annual fundraisers and community events (Prescott Valley Days, Flying High Turkey Drive, Valley of Lights, and more).

To learn more, get membership information, and see a full listing of events, visit Follow the Chamber on Facebook and Instagram @PrescottValleyChamber.