The 22nd Annual Empty Bowls Event, a Fundraiser for Local Food Banks, Takes Place Saturday, September 15

By Dr. Sandra Rogers, DVM

Worldwide, there are so many issues that need our attention. Deciding which cause to help can feel overwhelming.

One such issue: hunger. It’s an issue everywhere, including right here in our little part of the world, Yavapai County. We all know the feeling of hunger. While some of us can simply open the cupboard or refrigerator and satiate our need, others do not have food so readily available … and they need our help.

They might be grandparents who are suddenly the guardians of their grandchildren. They might be a woman and her children who are suddenly on their own without any means of support. They might be veterans who can no longer work because of injuries they suffered protecting our country. They might be an entire family who lost their home in a fire or some other disaster.

The path that leads to hunger is as varied as the individuals who are hungry. But the single, simple truth that unites them all is that they need our help.

One small way you can help is to attend this year’s Empty Bowls event in Prescott. It takes place September 15 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Courthouse Plaza. In its 22nd year, it’s coordinated by a committee from the Prescott Unitarian Universalist Congregation and the fellowship, along with the cooperation of local artists and chefs who donate their time and talent.

Here’s how it works: for your $20 donation, you choose a handmade bowl (crafted and donated by local artists). You choose two servings of soup prepared by local chefs.

The bowl is yours to keep, as a year-round reminder of how you’ve helped feed our community members in need. The money raised is distributed to food banks countywide.

Please bring your own spoon—fewer plastic spoons in the world will be better for the ocean!

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