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Natural Fragrance for the Home

Houseplants Freshen the Air and Boost Mood … Naturally By Lisa Watters-Lain, Arizona's garden gal Wet dog, funky socks, musty books and the ever-present smell of teenage boys is more than a home needs sometimes. Houseplants get a lot of lip service for their...

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Winter Gardening with Evergreens & Conifers

Create an Evergreen ‘Skyline’: Blend Texture, Color, and Shape for Year-Round Drama and Beauty By Lisa Watters Lain, Arizona’s garden gal O ur house is a classic mountain home with large windows that enable us to enjoy both the natural and cultivated beauty outside. ...

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8 Essential Steps to a Healthy Autumn Landscape

By Lisa Watters Lain, Arizona’s garden gal Autumn gardens are a time of change and preparation for the winter and spring that follow.  With just a bit of effort, your landscape remains healthy and stands out from the rest.  It took one crisp morning to perform the...

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