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The Seven Fastest Head-High Hedge Plants

These easy-to-maintain hedgerows offer privacy and beauty By Lisa Watters-Lain, Arizona’s Garden Gal Privacy and hedgerows are not top-of-mind until that neighbor dumps his leftover construction material for all to enjoy at the next backyard BBQ. Or, what about that...

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Eat Your Yard

By Lisa Watters-Lain,  Arizona's Garden Gal The front yard of any house makes such an important first impression.  Many homeowners lean heavily on a shrub border and a couple of trees to bring the landscape's design together. What most people don't consider, though,...

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Plant Foods Simplified Locally

by Lisa Watters-Lain,  Arizona’s garden gal When walking down the fertilizer aisle at Watters Garden Center or any home improvement store you can’t help notice the dizzying the array of plant food. You’ll see bags and bottles, powders and granules, sprays and...

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