New Senior Dog Sanctuary Provides Forever Home and Care

Introducing Dogtree Pines Senior Dog Sanctuary, a new 501(C)3 non-profit based in Prescott, committed to rescuing high-risk senior dogs in need of a forever home, medical, hospice, and end-of-life care.

The organization’s mission is to rescue and provide medical care, nutritious homemade food, and superior loving care in an amazing sanctuary setting to hospice and senior large dogs that are located in Arizona and surrounding areas.

It all started in 2020, when President and Chairman Cindy Lamont, then 50, received a breast cancer diagnosis and successful treatment. She then decided to follow her love and passion for senior dogs.

She opened a sanctuary-setting rescue on five-and-a-half acres in Prescott Pines and now approximately fifteen large breed seniors call it home. Dogtree Pines primarily takes in large dogs, aged 10 and older, most of which have been dumped or surrendered due to their age and/or medical conditions.

These lucky seniors are provided everything they need to live a healthy, happy life. This year, Dogtree Pines has taken in more than forty senior dogs from various sources, primarily high-kill shelters, all of which were high risk due to age, health, or mental state. A few have been adopted out but the majority that makes it to the pines are there to stay.

When these seniors arrive, a veterinarian evaluates their medical needs and creates a healthcare plan, including scheduling veterinary care as needed. Dogtree Pines staff feed these homemade nutritious food, supplements, and medications as needed.

Staff introduces the dogs to the pack, and the other dogs show them the ropes.

“It’s amazing how well all these dogs do together,” Cindy said. “Even dogs that have never been in a house before quickly learn how to assimilate into the pack. Some have freedom for the first time in their lives. Their transformation is miraculous in most cases.”

The seniors live out their lives on fully-fenced three acres with full access to the house and front wrap-around deck for deer and javelina viewing. They even have a heated therapy pool to ease pain in their old joints. Most of these dogs are happy, healthy, safe, and loved for the first time in their life.  Every dog that comes through these doors is treated like a personal pet, provided everything they need, and loved unconditionally.

“Why seniors?” Cindy said. “They are the sweetest, most appreciative dogs! Almost all the dogs we rescue have been rescued from horrible circumstances. Some were once somebody’s dog and knew a better life, but for circumstances, we will never know or understand, have ended up homeless, lost, sick, injured, neglected, ignored, or on the euthanasia list with no hope of rescue. They deserve better than that and they know better.”

“No dog deserves to die alone in a cage on a cold concrete floor, certainly not seniors that have given their entire lives to us!”

Seniors are being dropped at shelters, dumped, and euthanized in record numbers right now. They’re especially hard to adopt out because they have limited time left and unusually large vet bills. Very few people go to a shelter looking to adopt an old, broken dog that they will have for only a very short time.  In addition, rescues face the same challenges. Senior dogs cost more and require more time and effort, and shelters cannot recoup an adoption fee in most cases. These old guys usually sit at the shelter, uncomfortable and in pain, until eventually they are euthanized. Dogtree Pines gives these dogs the joy, love, and health that they deserve and when it comes a time, a loving passing.

Dogtree Pines is now welcoming volunteers and fosters to the sanctuary. It is an unbelievable amount of work to take care of these senior dogs and manage the sanctuary and help is always welcomed. Donations of any size are always welcome and will be utilized to cover vet bills and food.

Learn more at or on Facebook. Reach Dogtree Pines at 928-273-2228 or [email protected]. Donate at Paypal: [email protected], or Venmo: @dogtreepines.