Meet the Team at Victory Wealth Services in Prescott

James Hait’s life story is one of resilience, determination, and a deep appreciation for family and service. He grew up in a small town in Montana where he learned the importance of financial stability when his own family faced a crisis.

Rather than being defeated by it, James decided to act. With a shovel in hand, he cleared snow from every driveway on his street, determined to earn every dollar he could for his family. Seeing firsthand the struggles that his family and community faced, James discovered a passion for helping people that has fueled his professional career ever since.

Working for one of the largest financial institutions in the country, James excelled in helping others reach their financial goals. However, he knew independence was the key to truly going above and beyond for the people he served. He wanted to work for his clients’ best interests, not the company’s. With a firm commitment to the principles of his fiduciary duty, James founded Victory Wealth Services in Prescott

James leads an experienced team with the singular focus of helping clients achieve victory. He understands that building and implementing a successful financial plan requires a collaborative effort. To that end, he assembled a team of professionals who share his unwavering commitment to their clients.

Director of Operations Lauren Tidwell works to ensure everything from the client experience to business operations runs with the beauty and precision of a Swiss watch.

Marketing Director Kristen Kerns brings financial literacy to life through innovative marketing strategies, including workshops and educational events.

Wendy Tabbert fosters personal connections with clients through her communications and a warm welcome to the Victory Wealth offices.

Copywriter Sean Sandefur works hard to bring dynamic financial content to Victory’s clients.

Financial advisor Carrie Brumbaugh helps guide clients toward achieving their most important goals and fulfilling their most deeply held values.

Financial Planner Darrin Doty creates detailed financial plans customized to each client’s specific needs.

Kristina Hawkins is the calendar master, scheduling all client and prospect meetings.

For nearly 25 years, James has guided others toward their dream retirements, pioneering The Victory Plan™ to offer people a clear roadmap to their retirement goals. This comprehensive written report covers all five aspects of a complete financial plan: income, investments, taxes, healthcare, and legacy. These are the tools that can help people achieve their own personal victory.

Whether you’re just starting out or planning for retirement, James and the team at Victory Wealth Services are here to help you achieve your financial goals and find the path toward your dream retirement.

Learn more at or by calling 928.778.1050.