Local Business Owner Danielle Rickert Considers Her Role in Prescott Downtown Partnership an Opportunity to Improve the Quality of Life for Residents

By Danielle Rickert, Owner, Sir Speedy

I joined Prescott Downtown Partnership (PDP) earlier this year after talking to Audra Yamamoto, who told me I absolutely had to be on her board, and that I would just love it!

If you know Audra, you know she has an infectious zest for life. I worked with her on Party in the Pines, a Prescott beer festival, years ago when she had Granite Mountain Brewing. She was telling me all about PDP, its amazing Board of Directors, and the great things the group does for our Prescott community to improve business in the downtown sector since she has taken over as Executive Director.

I love working with Audra and believe in what she is doing to build a stable and sustainable organization. I also love Prescott and am of the mindset that amazing communities start with amazing, hard-working people who care. If you want to get more out of your community, you must put some of your own time and effort into making that happen.

So far, being part of the PDP Board has been an uplifting experience. Everyone I’ve met has such a positive attitude and stellar work ethic. I love being able to collaborate and really get to know the people behind PDP. I think we all have an opportunity to learn from one another and create some great events and programs to enhance the downtown. This is just the beginning.

I own Sir Speedy, a local print shop and document shred business, and most of my clients are other local businesses. I work and live in Prescott with my fiancé (and business partner) Jake Carlson and his two children. I am so blessed to have them in my life! Both Jake and I have family in Prescott as well. Our parents live here, and we get to see them weekly and that means our kids get to see them weekly. Our time with them is very special. We all love being active and enjoying everything that Prescott has to offer. You will often find us eating at a local restaurant, maybe getting some ice cream, and then walking into a couple of local shops. We love to go golfing when we get a chance. We love music and the Summer Concert Series is a fabulous night out for the whole family!

Sir Speedy has had some big improvements this year. Our corporate headquarters unveiled a new logo for Sir Speedy’s nationwide for the first time in more than 20 years. We also have a newly integrated software program that allows us to offer our clients personalized ordering portals where they can quickly and easily place new orders or reorders with a few clicks.  These orders go immediately into production and create faster turnaround times. Making business easier for our clients is always a big win!

We are located in the commercial area of Prescott Lakes near BASIS. While our actual building is not downtown, many of our clients are downtown businesses, and we want to see them thrive.  I think it is extremely important to support downtown businesses and activities that bring in more business and tourism. I want family to visit and be able to show off all our favorite spots. I want my family to have great hotels to stay at when they visit. I want our kids to feel safe and excited to have family time downtown. I want our employees to have quality housing options and want to take their families out to shops and restaurants. I love meeting my girlfriends for a craft session, happy hour, or lunch and going to Pilates, cycling, or a local gym. I love walking into a shop or restaurant and seeing the owner with a big smile on their face because their establishment has been packed and busy all day long. I want to see Prescott families thrive and that means businesses and the amazing hardworking folks behind those businesses need to thrive. Being on the PDP Board is a small way in which I can affect the quality of life in Prescott.