Candles create connection—and magical moments

By Denise Jenike, Armadilla Wax Works

You probably remember the phrase, “Home is where the heart is.” Candlelight makes a house a home, doesn’t it? It bids you welcome. It heralds the beginning of the evening with a whisper. Candlelight signifies that all will be well.

Candlelight knows how to do these things because it has centuries of experience.

We make a personal connection with candlelight in sharp contrast to the electric light plugged into the wall. Electricity is never-ending, candlelight is not. We share the light with the candle; we are drawn to it and take it seriously because of its warm, giving, and temporary nature.

Candlelight speaks to us of memories, flickering in and out of view. Memories of loved ones, young and old, familiar faces from our family and neighbors who became family. We light candles to honor the care we give our home and to all who enter; to commemorate a national holiday, festival, or a holiday we create ourselves—a birthday, anniversary or reunion. Candlelight creates a special feeling as everyone starts to relax, the room fades away and we enter a secret world all our own. With all the noise in the world today, candlelight is a bright reminder to listen and talk with each other quietly.

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