Local gym owner cultivates connections to inspire and empower people to create lasting change

By Hilary Dartt

Leanne Shearer believes she’s exactly where she is supposed to be, doing what she’s supposed to do: helping people change the trajectory of their lives.

“I show people how powerful they are,” said the lifestyle coach, who owns Anytime Fitness with her husband, “and how much information they have in their own bodies to find answers to perplexing challenges.”

To deliver her message to a broader audience, this past fall Leanne launched Undone + Uncensored, “a no-BS podcast that unravels life’s most complex issues.”

Its goal: to mentor, inspire, guide, and motivate listeners toward long-lasting change.

Leanne said that in today’s world, we’re all inundated with information. “It’s hard to navigate what’s good, what’s not good, what works, what doesn’t work, what to do, how to do it, and why.”

Getting and staying healthy can feel complicated. It’s Leanne’s goal to cut through the noise and help people heal their bodies. A 2022 study of life expectancy from Sears Wellness Institute found that lifestyle played the biggest role in longevity—53 percent (medical care accounted for 10 percent of longevity; genes for 16 percent, and environment for 21 percent).

With that in mind, Leanne said, it’s so important to focus on lifestyle choices like diet, exercise, managing stress, the quality and quantity of our social interactions, and regular social networks. That’s why she takes a holistic approach with her clients.

Although Leanne’s training and certification are in health and exercise, she said that when it comes to coaching her clients, her passion lies in helping them uncover what really stops them from staying healthy. During the course of her studies, she focused on that idea—understanding why people get stuck. There’s almost always an underlying reason people fall back on old habits even after making positive strides.

“It’s so simple,” she said, “and we’re living in a time where we’ve over-complicated everything.”

Leanne understands this firsthand. Having overcome abuse, eating disorders, addiction, and unhealthy relationships, she said she has spent a large portion of her life transforming her frame of mind; from victim mentality to facing life with an honest and accountable mindset.

One example: when she and her husband used to talk about finances, she’d have a significant stress response every time. After digging, she realized that response came from a childhood fear of not having enough, developed from messages she received as a child.

She began to tell herself, “You’re an adult now. You have enough, and you’ve always been okay.”

Although it took time and practice, she has minimized her money-related stress response.

While some people with more profound issues may require therapy or counseling, Leanne said, uncovering that underlying belief “can be a light switch for people.”

Many clients have returned to Leanne months or years after completing training with her and reported that one comment she made or the perspective she offered was what they needed to create lasting change.

Through “tons of life experience … I’ve been given these ‘downloads’ of information people need,” Leanne said.

As her audience for the Undone + Uncensored podcast grows, she hopes her authenticity will inspire others to share their imperfections and challenges … which ultimately bring grace and growth.

“I don’t think people are given enough permission to be real.”

But when people come together in a nonjudgmental setting, debriefing about their lives, they form a powerful connection.

And that’s what Leanne is all about—cultivating those connections to empower people to change their lives.

Learn more about Leanne’s six-week coaching program at http://undoneanduncensored.com/programs and about Undone + Uncensored at http://undoneanduncensored.com and on IG @undoneanduncensored.