Local radio show and podcast creator and host shares stories and strives to be a good citizen

Prescott Woman Magazine chatted with Ralene Challinor, a radio show creator and host, podcaster, and YouTube channel creator, to find out what makes her enjoy Prescott and everything it has to offer.

PWM: How long have you lived in Prescott?

Ralene: My hubby and I and our two kiddos moved here from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2016. 

PWM: Why did you choose Prescott as your home?

Ralene: We came out to visit family here in November, from Wisconsin… and we had to go buy shorts because the weather was so beautiful. We were living in the inner city of Milwaukee working with the at- risk population and it was wearing on us. Prescott refreshed our minds, bodies, and souls. We knew this was to be the home for our next adventure.

PWM: What’s your occupation?

Ralene: In 2020 I had the amazing opportunity to start a radio show as a resource for foster and adoptive families and their support people. I was working for a foster agency as a recruiter at the time and the show was a good fit. I left the agency but have continued the show. The show is called Real Talk. I wanted the stories to be real, sharing the hard things so people entering the foster journey would know what they are really getting into, and adoptive families would not feel so alone.

In August of 2021 I began the Getting Together podcast and YouTube show with my co-host Jeremy Brinkerhoff. Because of my admiration of the people of this area, I wanted to provide a platform to share their amazing stories. Since the world seemed so divided, I wanted to create something to show that, at least in this area, we all have something in common: our love of Prescott. We record the show on Mondays at The Porch in Prescott, and it goes live on Wednesdays.

I am also the wife of thirty years to “Hun,” Andy, my hard-workin’ good-lookin’ hubby, and mama to two amazing kiddos, Lenox and Sofia.

PWM: Do you have any kids?

Ralene: Yep. Lenny is twelve and Sofia is eleven. They are both adopted. We have no biological children. God had a plan… we became foster parents in a crazy way and fostered for ten years, with 13 children in our home and hearts. Lenox and Sofia stayed. I am so grateful they did! What an incredible blessing they are to our lives, to this world! I have a four-legged daughter, too, named Seven (don’t judge) and my sweet mama Jean lives with us and she would put me on time out if I told you all her age.

PWM: What is your favorite thing about living in the Prescott area?

Ralene: Gosh, my favorite? The people, the two-degree separation between people. It’s such a great town for knowing people and being known. People are always so willing to introduce one another. People are so generous and willing to help. I also appreciate going into the coffee shop and knowing the owner knows my name or running into friends down at the square.

PWM: How do you think Prescott enhances your occupation and hobbies?

Ralene: Because Prescott is still a smaller town it makes it easier for me to get interviews with such amazing people. This person tells me that I should have so and so on the shows, etc. They’re happy to give me an email or a number, I always have a lead! The people of Prescott have such great stories to tell. They all seem to have the same theme as well… they love Prescott!

PWM: Are you working on anything new or exciting for the upcoming year?

Ralene: I will continue to try to promote the Getting Together podcast and get our subscription numbers up. I am also concentrating on getting more gigs as an emcee. I was privileged to emcee for two events last year and realized I like it! I hope to get to do a few more this next year.

PWM: If you could contribute to anything in the Prescott area, what would it be and why?

Ralene: Good citizenship. I want to contribute kindness. I will continue to be the one who smiles or waves. I will continue to be the flag waver at the parade. I know my neighbors’ names and they know mine. I will continue to buy that veteran’s meal at the diner and thank him/her for their service. I will continue to shop local. I will teach my children to do all these things and more and do them better!

To contact Ralene regarding Real Talk radio show or Getting Together podcast, email her at [email protected].