First of all, well done for advocating for yourself and getting your blood looked at. Now I’m going to get a little feisty towards your Dr. Normal range according to who? How old are you, what does your life look like, how’s your nutrition, what’s your activity level and how’s the quality of your sleep? You may be within the “normal range” on your blood work but those ranges are the bare minimum measurements for staying alive…not thriving. If I have a full tank of gas, I can go for 385 miles. If I have a quarter tank of gas, I can go for about 50. Either way I have gas in my tank, but how far I can go is greatly dependent on having enough gas to get there. Did you know it’s considered “normal” for women to have little to no testosterone during perimenopause? Sure we can “live” that way, but we cannot thrive and make emotionally balanced decisions with too low, or no testosterone combined with estrogen levels that are high or skyrocketing. We can survive with low levels of vitamin D, but we will age faster and develop other health issues when our vitamins and minerals are depleted. Find a practitioner who specializes in hormone replacement therapy, who will help you bring your “normal” levels to mid-range, monitor your perimenopausal symptoms, supervise your nutrition, and help keep your “tank” full.