Media consultant and busy wife and mom balances family with her mission to help her clients make the world a better place

Prescott Woman Magazine chatted with Ariana Bennett, a Media Consultant with Sparklight Advertising, and a member of the Prescott Downtown Partnership, to find out what makes her enjoy Prescott and everything it has to offer.

PWM: How long have you been a member of the Prescott Downtown Partnership?

Ariana: I joined Prescott Downtown Partnership in 2022.

PWM: Tell me a little bit about what brought you to Prescott and the role you are in as far as employment.

Ariana: I’m an Arizona native. My husband, Jon, and I moved to Prescott in 2008 and were lucky enough to find our careers here. This summer I will celebrate 15 years with Sparklight Advertising, a full-service advertising agency. I am a media consultant and work one on one with local businesses on their marketing message, ad creation, and campaign launch to increase sales and attract new customers. I specialize in media strategy, which means I work with clients to create the right message and a strategy on where to put that message to reach the target audience. Our advertising platforms include YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, streaming radio, streaming TV, and other video display platforms. Using tactics including Google Ads, search engine marketing, GeoFencing, and behavioral and demographic targeting, we can launch campaigns that reach audiences on any screen including mobile, desktop, and smart TVs.

PWM: In PDP, what about the organization is different from others in the area, and what do you personally enjoy best about being in the PDP group?

Ariana: Prescott Downtown Partnership is uniquely formed to be an organization run and propelled by local businesses. I personally enjoy that the members and board are so actively involved in attracting residents and visitors to enjoy our historic downtown area. The organization is actively working to provide a voice for its members in conversations at multiple levels. In addition to the organization’s vision, I am impressed with its new executive director, Audra Yamamoto. I had the pleasure of working with Audra through other organizations and committees, and look forward to supporting her and the board in 2023!

PWM: Are you on the board or on a committee with PDP?

Ariana: I was voted on the Prescott Downtown Partnership board for 2023. Before joining the board, I had been active with PDP committees through involvement on the Membership Committee and the Social Media Committee.

PWM: Do you have family here, kids, or other activities?

Ariana: My husband and I have two young girls, a dog, and a cat! My girls participate in gymnastics and dance, and we’re teaching them to ski and snowboard this winter! I am in the time of my life to focus on family while balancing my career, so while I enjoy running, and traveling, some of that is on hold for now.

PWM: How are you involved in the community?

Ariana: Community is important to me, and I try to be as involved as I can while balancing family and career. I am a member of the Prescott Area Young Professionals (PAYP), and served on its board for six years. From networking with city leaders, learning from experts, and volunteering on the committee that hosts Party in the Pines – Prescott’s biggest charity beer festival — I helped lead PAYP in providing opportunities to impact the community and make a difference where we live and work. I continue to partner with community organizations such as Prescott Farmers Market, MATFORCE, and Arizona Community Foundation of Yavapai County and am excited to join the board for Prescott Downtown Partnership.

PWM: Do you work downtown and what do you like best about that?

Ariana: My work takes me all over Prescott and Prescott Valley. I love it when getting to work downtown, meeting with clients, or catching lunch at some of my favorite places. Downtown Prescott energizes me and reminds me of what life is like working in a small town. I can park a couple of blocks away from my destination, and enjoy a gorgeous walk on the Courthouse Plaza. Most times I run into a familiar face and take a moment to catch up and exchange smiles. I use these moments to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy the present.

PWM: What else do you want to add that people might not know about you, or what you do/offer?

Ariana: My biggest motivation is to make an impact and create a positive difference. I want to like what I do, I want to like who I work with, and I want to know what I’m doing is valuable. My career excites me, I am on fire when helping businesses in our community not only succeed but thrive. I am always looking to partner with and support businesses that need something new and are looking to create change in this world.

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