The Truth About Harmonizing Hormone Health

By Dr. Emilie Wilson

I get a lot of questions about hormone health, and it’s put me on a mission to educate as many women as I can about their hormones.

The one thing that is essential to know about hormone balance is this: you’ll never achieve hormone harmony if your cells aren’t healthy.

Our hormones work and flow together like a symphony: some crescendo while others fall, only to rise again in their own rhythm and pattern.  The overall effect can be beautiful harmony, or a jarring mess.

But the audience is every bit as important to the symphony, right?  If people arrive clean, well fed and hydrated, rested, and attentive, the symphony is respected and each member’s notes can rise and fall in perfect time. However, if the audience shows up disheveled, toxic, irritated, exhausted, and hungry, then they will not hear the symphony, no matter how well the orchestra plays.

If your hormones are the symphony, your body’s cells are the audience. If your cells can’t respond appropriately to hormonal messages, then no amount of hormone balancing or hormone replacement will have the desired effect (that means weight gain, sleep trouble, mood issues, skin issues and aging skin, hair loss, etc).

Truly, hormone health starts with cellular health. So, what determines whether your cells are healthy?

Inside my RESTORE program, we focus on cellular health as a critical part of hormone balance for weight loss. We do that by focusing on the essential requirements for cellular health and hormone harmony:

  • Reduce inflammation: inflammation turns up the fire inside our cells, causing cell damage and dysfunctional hormone responses.
  • Detoxify: toxins are a major hidden cause of sluggish metabolism and hormone issues. They get stuck in our cells and cause serious metabolic damage.
  • Optimize Gut Health: you can eat all the healthy food, but if your body can’t break it down and absorb it, it won’t matter.
  • Achieve Restorative Sleep: a metabolism and hormone tonic, good sleep can literally turn back your aging clock and boost weight loss.
  • Manage Stress: stress knocks your hormones, metabolism, and blood sugar way out of balance and keeps you trapped in fat-storing mode.
  • Improve Self Worth: optimal health begins with how you value yourself. If you don’t love yourself unconditionally and recognize your worth simply as a woman (not as a partner, employee, mother, friend etc.), you can’t make the sustainable changes that matter.  The most essential step is knowing this down to your bones: you matter.

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