Author of Arizona Rain

Growing up, Jessica Lynn MacLean rode dirt bikes around the Bradshaws where her relatives once built cabins. Now she writes and watches wildlife from a small Prescott deck with her husband and rescue dog. Jessica expanded on letters and articles to create her first book, Arizona Rain: Adventures in Life, Love, and Loss that Span Generations (1922-1974), which features 101 photographs.

She and her cousin, a Winslow librarian, found century-old photos of their relatives working at the Grand Canyon; their great grandma donated those photographs to library archives. Jessica is related to bestselling Arizona Author of the Year, Nancy E. Turner, and Arizona author Joyce MacLean, who was born in 1907.

Former resident blogger for the town of Camp Verde, Jessica wrote articles for the city of Sedona and worked on communications projects for many Arizona organizations. She’s published in magazines like Kudos, Gateway to the East Valley, Connection, and Camp Verde Bugle Home and Garden. Jessica holds a Summa Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication and Mass Communications from Arizona State University. First published during high school, she’s a recipient of the English Award and the Cothran-Mulvey Award for Excellence.

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