New travel agency, specializing in Disney and Universal Studios travel, making dreams come true, your way, within every budget

By Kira Gill

Welcome to Just a Spell Away! I bring you the magic of adventure on your travels and help make your travel dreams come true … the way you want.

I started this very personal travel agency, Just a Spell Away, at the beginning of 2021, although I received training, specializing in Disney and Universal Studios travel program, in 2020.

I joined and worked with a few online travel companies that sold Disney and Universal Studios travel, but they never had what I would call the magic to make the dreams of their guests come true, within every budget! Disheartened, I decided to call Disney and this wonderful lady encouraged me to go on my own. As she said that, I discovered I had the passion and the knowledge to do so. She actually helped me realize my dream, too.

But the vision goes back many years…

Walt Disney has always played a big part in my life and later, in my children’s lives as well … the inspiration, the guidance, and the concept of never giving up on one’s dreams! As a family, we visited the parks starting when my children were infants. We loved every bit of the magic and fantasy that the parks offered. As my children were growing up, Harry Potter became a part of Universal Studios and that became another of our pilgrimages as well!
In 2010 we decided to join the Disney family and bought a Disney timeshare; it was the best decision we ever made! That was the beginning of a journey that we never got tired of. Because my primary business is laser medspas (Laserium, by name), I helped many of my patients from Canada, Dallas, and Prescott go on vacations to Disney or Universal or both. The satisfaction and joy lay in hearing their great adventures when they returned!

Therefore, here I am with the creation of my own very special magical company – Just A Spell Away!

Although I can help book any travel vacation for you, I consider myself a specialist in Disney and Universal Studios travel. I can book your Disney cruises, the Adventures by Disney around the world, and much, much more! I also help to book your Fairytale weddings at Disney! How wonderful is that?

If you book a vacation through Just a Spell Away you will also receive a free watercolor painting by Kira Gill! Follow her art on Facebook @ The Tilted Brush.

Remember – A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes. Let me help you realize your vacation dreams!

For more information contact Kira Gill at 928.273.8007 or [email protected]. Also, Just A Spell Away is hiring travel agents now!