Jeri Ann Kooiman’s childhood memories of Prescott Valley include rides through Lonesome Valley on the family’s way to get supplies in Prescott. That was before Prescott Valley even existed, however, there was talk of new development.

“Who in the world would ever invest in these flats?” her parents wondered out loud as they drove from Clarkdale over Mingus Mountain and through the open grasslands where cattle and pronghorn roamed.

“They probably wish many times that they would have invested,” Kooiman says today, knowing Lonesome Valley property values have skyrocketed the last half-century. Jeri Ann has been selling real estate for 32 years from Prescott Valley.

Jeri Ann’s family ties to Yavapai County go back to her great-grandparents. Her great-grandmother operated the Mingus Mountain Inn on top of Mingus for years. Jeri Ann has many stories, fond memories, and plenty of pride for her home state.

Her desire to keep PV prosperous for future generations, including her own children and grandchildren, has led her to a long list of volunteer activities.

“One thing (my father) always instilled in us was that you give, and give with a happy heart,” Kooiman relates. “I love giving back to the community that makes me successful.”

She has volunteered for a variety of organizations including the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, Boys & Girls Clubs, Special Olympics, and Humboldt Elementary School, which she “adopted” as part of the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce’s “Adopt-a-School” program that she started when she was Chamber chair. “Our children are our future, our community’s future!” she says.

Kooiman considers her membership on the unique non-profit Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation (PVEDF) as one of her most important volunteer endeavors.

“We must have quality-paying jobs for our citizens,” Kooiman says. “It benefits everybody that we have what it takes to keep our children from moving away.” She cites a list of industries that the PVEDF has helped attract to the town.

Kooiman’s newest endeavor is to run for the Prescott Valley Town Council.

“This is a perfect time in my life where I believe I could be an asset to the Town Council, with my knowledge and experience,” Kooiman explains. “Being a champion for economic development and vitality is a commitment that I cherish.

“Even though we’re growing, we still have that small-town attitude and love for each other,” she adds.

“I love this community I call home!”