Wedding Day Makeup and Skincare Lessons for Every Bride

By Leah Gosick, Owner, Bella by Leah

On her wedding day, every bride wants to look and feel her best!

Bella by Leah offers quality products, lessons, and beauty services to brides and bridal parties … and for anyone who wants to feel special, any time. Leah Gosick, owner of Bella by Leah, leads a bride-to-be through the important steps of how to obtain the perfect makeup look for the wedding day.

Wedding Day Makeup

  • Decide who you want to do your wedding makeup.
  • If your choice of makeup artist is not available on your wedding day, consider asking if she gives private makeup lessons; that’s a perfect alternative.
  • If you’re not good at applying makeup, it would be a great idea to call a professional for lessons. Let your makeup artist know that you need help with makeup for your wedding day. Ask if they teach bridal makeup application.
  • If they say they do bridal makeup lessons, be sure you communicate clearly; be specific about the look you’re going for. Have photos and/or samples ready for the appointment.
  • As a makeup artist, one of my favorite ways to teach makeup application is to do a step-by-step application process. I do step one while the bride watches and then I have the bride do same step on the other side of her face. We continue that process back and forth until we have the look complete. This process gives the bride the reassurance and confidence she needs for her wedding day.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. If your first lesson doesn’t make you confident enough for your wedding day, call to schedule another lesson. Keep in mind you should learn a lot about bridal makeup application from one lesson.

Your Skincare Routine

Did you know that all beautiful bridal makeup starts with a tailored skincare regimen?

  • If you’re acne-prone, be sure to get on an acne routine that will best benefit you. Be sure you start this four to six months prior to your wedding day.
  • If you have dry or oily skin it will benefit you to make an appointment with a skincare specialist.
  • Bella by Leah also specialize in mature skin. Check out our Facebook or Instagram page for photos.

At Bella by Leah, we have our own skincare and makeup products, made in the U.S.A. We work with our specialized regimens daily, getting everyday women and brides into the best regimens for their skin. We’d love to help you with all your makeup and skincare needs.

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