Local Business Owner of Ten27 CrossFit® and Meals by Blayne Soriano Practices What she Preaches While Also Giving Back

 By Tara Fort

For fitness guru Blayne Soriano, a love of spin class was all it took to forge the pathway to launching a new career. Owner of Ten27 CrossFit® and the private chef business Meals by Blayne Soriano in Prescott, Blayne made it her mission to practice what she preaches through nutrition and exercise.

CrossFit®, a form of strength and conditioning workout made up of functional everyday movements like squats, pulling, and pushing, is performed at a high-intensity level—individually and competitively. If that sounds intimidating, be not afraid!

Blayne advised, “Only about one percent of those who participate in CrossFit® do so competitively, CrossFit® is for all ages and different levels based on options for every movement to meet individual needs. I believe anything outside your comfort zone can feel intimidating and scary. I say just go for it, take a friend and do it, because—despite what you see on advertisements and social media—CrossFit® is actually targeted more toward the average everyday person.”

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With a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Administration, Blayne pushes herself to grow along with her students, and her businesses allows her to do exactly that. She coaches students on exercise and health through fitness and nutrition sessions, classes, and personal training. Her active lifestyle is highlighted through her Instagram posts and reels, and is demonstrated through her private meal prep business featuring individual and family portions that offer excitement and variety.

“The whole premise of my collective businesses is to improve a person’s overall way of living through better habits,” she said. “I’m a huge supporter of the community as a whole, and as a fitness coach I promote what I can offer.”

Blayne, who grew up in and around Prescott, lived in Colorado for most of her college years and returned to Prescott in 2017.

With many types of fitness menus for the consumer to choose, Blayne sets herself apart in where she dedicates her energy. “We all have different focal points, coaching, and programming systems, but you will see me doing what I ask others to do as I focus on fitness and nutrition education and really dedicating extra time working with the kids and young adults in our community.”

Blayne’s love of all things Prescott including the weather, hiking and the friends she has made, make it effortless for her to give back to the community through her church activities, as well as personally raising funds for Agape House, NoCo Community Kitchen, and Prescott Women’s Shelter. “I’m all for making a bigger impact for the world, instead of just inside the four walls of my gym.”

To find out more about Blayne Soriano, follow her on Instagram @BlayneSoriano or @Ten27crossfit, or email [email protected].