How Kelly Reeves Uses New Technology to Help Ease the Trauma of Post-Surgical Scarring

By Tara Fort

For 23-year beauty industry veteran Kelly Reeves, staying current with new offerings in her field is almost as exciting as how she uses her trade to help those affected by physical trauma. Her specialty includes medical tattooing to create 3D areola tattoos, a method created by Vicky Martin with whom she has trained, and who created the technique to help those affected by trauma, surgery, and mastectomies feel better about themselves.

Kelly has poured her heart into 3D areola tattoos and says, “I love offering a procedure that can help women who have experienced mastectomies feel whole again.” Created by using shadow and highlights to create texture, depth, and detail on the skin to give the appearance of being 3D, these tattoos can typically be applied within six months after the reconstructive surgery (although longer if necessary, for some) and can last a lifetime without touch-ups. This type of procedure is also helpful in camouflaging the scarring around the areola from breast augmentation or reductions. Like permanent makeup that is applied to the face, the tattoo should be soft and give the appearance of a fresh natural look.” She adds, “I love the medical aspect of this procedure because I’m helping people recover from the trauma of surgery and giving them realistic areolas.

Permanent makeup has come so far and become so popular that there is just so much to learn. I always want to know the tricks of the trade to stay current with the latest techniques and top-of-the-line products and give the best service possible to my clients.” The Natural Beauty salon also offers a state-of-the-art lash service, specializing in Novalash extensions and lash lifts—an effect that looks like perfectly-applied mascara and lasts six to eight weeks. When she is not working at the salon, Kelly enjoys camping, cooking, and yoga, but her passion remains her profession and its offerings. “Mostly I just geek out on learning my trade through continuing my education so I can be the best there is for permanent makeup and medical tattooing.” An initial consultation is recommended and complimentary!

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