Agape House of Prescott provides life-skills classes to help families transition to independent living

When families find themselves homeless and in crisis, they often need help to get back on their feet. Many families are desperate to say goodbye to homelessness and are hungry for support to rebuild their lives. Fortunately for people in the Prescott area, families find assistance, support, and encouragement at Agape House of Prescott.

This local nonprofit organization gives families a place to call home and guides them down a Pathway to Independence. On the journey through the four-step process, mentors disciple the family, teach them the love of Christ and life-skills, and aid them in repairing relationships.

Agape House’s approach of “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime” has paid off. Agape House is not a shelter. It is a transitional program designed to rebuild and transform the lives of families to prepare them for successful independent living. The program has an 86% one-year success rate for graduates who complete the Agape House program.

Life-skills classes provide families with the foundation and skills to prepare them for independent living.

These local Prescott women teach the classes and dedicate their time to making an impact and difference in the future of Agape House families:

Lynn Stone, Faith and Finance Class

Lynn Stone, a local realtor with Realty One and long-time Prescott resident, teaches a six-week Faith and Finance class, incorporating financial tools from the Foothills Financial Toolkit. The finance class covers:

  • Connecting money and relationships
  • Exploring values and attitudes
  • Overcoming financial challenges
  • Setting savings goals
  • Creating a spending plan
  • Living simply
  • Giving joyfully
  • Managing debt
  • Taking loans
  • Getting banked
  • Preparing for emergencies
  • Planning for long-term change

Malia Melcher, Keys to Freedom Class

Malia Melcher, co-owner of Melcher Printing, teaches an eight-week class, Keys to Freedom, which covers seven keys to freedom:

  • Committing and connecting to Christ
  • Renewing your mind
  • Healing life’s hurts
  • Choosing to forgive
  • Breaking generational patterns
  • Choosing freedom over oppression
  • Maintaining lifelong independence

Sandi Cheney, Parenting Class

Sandi Cheney, a long-time advocate for youth and families, teaches a six-week class, Parenting the Love and Logic Way, through MATFORCE. The sessions cover:

  • Putting an end to arguing, backtalk, and begging
  • Teaching responsibility without losing their love
  • Setting limits without waging war
  • Avoiding power struggles
  • Guiding kids to own and solve their problems
  • Teaching kids to complete chores

Agape House appreciates the more than 70 volunteers who pour into the lives of our families. Lynn, Malia, and Sandi’s classes are an integral part of the Agape House success.

To learn more, visit or call 928.910.1089.