Penny Clark, the owner of Penelope’s Salon Boutique, has had a long-time love affair with all things beauty and has found so much joy in owning the salon for nearly 2 years. Penny’s mother was also in the beauty business and she can remember having an interest in make-up and hair from the time she was a little girl. “My mom and her friends would practice on me when they were in beauty school and it was always so much fun!” She recalls. Penny also reflects on the way she would study magazines in the 80s to learn the current makeup and hair trends. “Those were different times!” she laughs.

Following her love for the beauty industry, Penny apprenticed worked under and was certified by Barbara Denney. She is also a licensed esthetician and is certified in Microblading. She has acquired over 13 years of experience in permanent cosmetics and has dedicated herself to growing and investing in that element of her salon. “The experience I’ve gained, and the combined experience of the stylists is what sets us apart as a salon,” Penny says.

Each stylist has their own specialty – some with color, some do nails, and the salon also offers styling for special events. “We are really versatile!” Penny says, adding that everyone really loves what they do. Penny shares that helping women feel beautiful, and in a way that is convenient for them is what brings her the most joy. “I once had the opportunity to apply permanent make-up to a woman who was recovering from cancer.” Penny shares. “She’d lost her brows from chemo, and I was able to give them back and a little bit of makeup to her eyes, so she didn’t have to worry about it. Those are the kinds of things that are so wonderful to be able to do for people,” Penny adds. She notes that what she loves most about permanent cosmetics, is how it simplifies life for people. “You can just get up and go!” she says.

Another service offered at Penelope’s Salon Boutique is Hydro-therapy. This treatment is administered by an EMT and is for those who are in need of re-hydrating their systems. Hydro-therapy with a boost is also offered with vitamins to help strengthen the immune system.

“I really love what I do, and the stylists I get to do it with!” She says. When the space became available for her salon, it just made sense to Penny that she would open the space to share with other women as passionate and excited about the beauty industry as she is. “It is so wonderful to share this passion with professional women. I am so blessed!” Penny says.