The stars...

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Pictured from left to right:

Name: Ryan Allen

Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher (La Tierra Community School)

Other: MMA @ Average Joe’s MMA

Name: Barbara Braswell

Occupation: Fourth Grade Teacher (La Tierra Community School)

Other: Girls on the Run Coach

Name: Amanda Hermance

Occupation: RN

Other: Knitter

Name: Ashley Darling

Occupation: Photographer and Designer

Other: Mother of 3

Name: Denise Bennett

Occupation: Teacher’s Aide (La Tierra Community School)

Other: Motorcycle Rider & Dancer

Name: Arianna Olson

Occupation: Petsmart

Other: Dog and Cat mom

Name: Kristi Spreng

Occupation: Sped Aide (La Tierra Community School)

Other: Mother of 5, Nature Lover, Lifelong Learner

Name: Laurie Lawton Scott

Occupation: Homeowners Financial Group – Branch Manager

Other: Mom of 4 beautiful children, strong advocate for military community/police/fire and supporter of the Care Fund to help children in a medical crisis & their families

Name: “Mima” Irma Castillo Bonnett

Occupation: Fly-U Shuttle – Owner

Other: Dancing and spending time with family

Name: Jessica Reorden

Occupation: Stepping Stones Agencies – Associate

Other: Fire Performer with Matchstick Rush Fire Troupe

Name: Amanda Stonecipher

Occupation: House Flipper – Remodeler – Interior Design

Other: “I drink beer and eat pizza with gusto!”

Photo Assistants:

Heidi Mixon and Julia Acosta