The Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary is one of the city’s hidden treasures

If you’re new to Prescott you may not know of one of the city’s hidden treasures, the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary. Although locals refer to it as the Heritage Park Zoo, it’s so much more than that.

Founded 34 years ago in 1988, HPZS is a nonprofit with a mission to “Give refuge to non-releasable, rescued wildlife, while providing conservation through the exhibition and public education.”

Many of the animals in the collection are native and non-releasable due to illness, injury, or habituation. In other words, animals that would not be able to survive in the wild on their own. The animals and their stories help zoo staff to educate the community about the amazing creatures that exist in our backyards and how best to live alongside them.

Many people are therefore surprised when they find other more exotic species like parrots, servals, ring-tailed lemurs, or capuchin monkeys. These animals are often received through outside agencies due to facility closures, confiscations, or private-owner relinquishments. HPZS also has Species Survival Plan animals such as clouded leopards and Mexican grey wolves. All these animals have found permanent homes in the Sanctuary.

A visit to the zoo helps support the 200 animals housed there, as well as the more than 400 wildlife rescues the HPZS conducts each year. HPZS is open every day of the year and provides a variety of educational and fun events for every age group.

So, the next time you’re wondering what to do, consider one of the Sanctuary’s fun events like Zoo by Moonlight, Summer ZooFest, or Boo at the Zoo. Having great family fun can be a great way to support wildlife!

Learn more at or call 928.778.4242.

Upcoming Events
July 25: Family Sip & Paint
July 16: Summer ZooFest
August 20: Wet & Wild Day
September 17: After Dark at the Park