Rosie the Riveter

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An award for individuals working in what used to be traditional male roles! This is for those strong, amazing women who work in fields that were at one time only for men; including construction, police, fire department, operating heavy machinery…this list could go on forever.
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Summer Henry, Tattoo Artist

“The tattoo artist industry used to be run by men and Summer Henry is the first woman in the Prescott Valley area to open an all-female tattoo shop.”

Amy Bonney, Police Chief

“As a female police chief, Chief Bonney is breaking traditional gender barriers and paving the way for other women in law enforcement. Her presence in a leadership role inspires other women and girls to consider careers in policing and shows that gender should not be a barrier to advancement. She embraces the role with confidence, determination, and a commitment to excellence. She recently received the “Arizona Chief of the Year Award”, a true testament to her hard work and dedication. Chief Bonney has proven time and time again that she is a fun, fearless female, giving her time to numerous nonprofits, including being a dancer and judge for the Boys & Girls Club’s Dancing for the Stars. She is truly AMAZING!”

Nancy Roberts, Police Lieutenant

“Lt. Nancy Roberts graduated from the Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy in 2006 and has worked steadily in leadership. More recently, Nancy has been a Training Sergeant, Training Coordinator, Emergency Operations Coordinator, Employee Assistance Coordinator, Mental Health Liaison, Reserve Coordinator, Policy Coordinator, Honor Guard Sergeant, Commendations and Awards oversite, and Negotiations Sergeant.

In 2020, law enforcement agencies nationwide received a presidential executive order that stipulated changes in policies and procedures related to defensive tactics, Use of force, and officer accountability. Nancy had an integral part in seeing that these changes occurred and were submitted to the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police, resulting in a certification of standards and allowing PVPD to be eligible for Department of Justice Grants for the next 3-year period.

She works hard to carry out the bigger picture of growth and goals for the agency and community through training, dedication, hard work, and being a leader that others want to emulate and follow.”