The Adventurer

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An award for the adventurous woman!  This is for a woman who has lived an adventurous life – has she hiked the canyon, traveled the world, climbed Everest, and completed the Prescott Triple Crown…or lived a life well lived?  We want to hear about her!
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Kaitlyn Davis

“In her mid twenties, Kaitlyn has already lived a remarkably full life, traveling across the country and the world to embark on solo female hikes.

Through her passion for photography and videography, Kaitlyn captures the beauty and challenges of her journeys, sharing them with the world to inspire other women to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the great outdoors. Her courageous spirit and relentless pursuit of exploration serve as a beacon of empowerment for women everywhere, encouraging them to discover their own paths and harness their inner strength.”

Carissa Maxwell

“Carissa is always going on adventures and encourages others to join. She’s hiking all of the time. She is doing the Grand Canyon again this October.”

“For being only one of two women and 14 people to complete an Ultra Triple Crown. Plus, completing multiple R2Rs at the Grand Canyon.”

Jen Herbert

“Jen deserves this award because she is a badass who is super dedicated to seeking out adventure, but also an incredibly kind and generous woman who invites others to adventure with her, even if their level is well below her own. She has traveled the world rock climbing, hiking, sky diving and racing horses. So while being an adventurer herself is important, she takes it one step further by continually promoting more adventures in the lives of others!”