Ellen Bashor

Ellen Bashor is a Park Ranger and the Prescott Unified School District Outdoor Learning Coordinator. Ellen currently oversees fifteen AmeriCorps Park Rangers, providing free outdoor and environmental learning opportunities for thousands of public school students, families, and community members every year. Ellen’s position is co-funded by the Prescott Recreation Services Department and the school district in a unique intergovernmental partnership they fostered with the goal of increasing equitable access to healthy & educational outdoor opportunities for all. Through this position, Ellen has revitalized the city’s Community Nature Center, launched Nature Niños Prescott, and collaborated with state, county, and local agencies & organizations to further advance this mission. Ellen previously taught Environmental Education at Prescott College, and holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Education, with emphasis in Outdoor & Environmental Learning. Ellen serves as the president of the Arizona Association for Environmental Education, and as a board member for the Greater Prescott Outdoors Fund, hosting the city’s Earth Day Celebration and funding other great outdoor initiatives in our community. In 2019 Ellen was selected as an ee360 Fellow by the North American Association for Environmental Education, in 2020 they were Arizona Environmental Educator of the Year, in 2021 they were honored with the international Environmental Education 30 Under 30 award, in 2022 they were chosen as a First Things First Regional Champion, and in 2023 they were given the National Parks and Recreation 30 Under 30 award as well. Ellen’s career and service work is deeply embedded in their commitment to equitable access to the outdoors, environmental learning, and opportunities that cultivate a more healthy, just, and sustainable world for all.


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April 25, 2023