Prescott entrepreneur plans to expand business and increase community involvement

Prescott Woman Magazine sat down with Tiffany Isenberger, owner of Nuggy Bug Parties and a member of the Prescott Downtown Partnership (PDP), to find out what she enjoys most about living and working in Prescott.

PWM:  How long have you been a member of the Prescott Downtown Partnership?

Tiffany: Nuggy Bug Parties joined the Prescott Downtown Partnership this past January. While working at the Hassayampa Inn on the side, I worked their event in December and earned all about them. This was exactly the information and gathering I needed to be inspired to join.

PWM:  Tell me a little about what brought you and your business to Prescott.

Tiffany: I came to Prescott in 2010 to attend Embry-Riddle. Then, life took hold and whisked me away for a few years; from 2012 to 2019. We moved back when my ex-husband wanted to attend ERAU. I went to work as an Assistant General Manager at a local restaurant. Over the course of the next few years, I found myself yearning for more of a connection to the community and wanting to build a business. My mother inspired me to start a face-painting business, which took off quickly! As fast as I was being procured for events, I needed to bring in others who were interested in the arts and working with families/children. Now I have some independent contractors I bring in for events and am working to train them in face painting. We are also learning and expanding into airbrush tattoos, glitter tattoos, balloon art, and more. I want to offer classes for face painting to bring more interest into the community, as it is such a wonderful opportunity to work with children and put big smiles on faces.

PWM:  What makes the PDP different from other organizations in the area, and what do you personally enjoy most about being part of the PDP group?

Tiffany: I enjoy how involved the PDP is with the local community. The partnership is made up of a lot of top local businesses who all work together to bring on some amazing events, including the Whiskey Row Boot Drop on New Year’s Eve. Because of this, we have been able to participate in some wonderful events, and I only hope to further be involved in the future planning of them.

PWM: Are you on the board or on a committee with PDP?

Tiffany: At this time, I am not; however, I would like to be! The first half of the year was a rough start; I joined while heavily pregnant only to be put on bed rest and then deliver five weeks early.

PWM: Do you have family here, kids, or other activities?

Tiffany: My parents are retired and follow my family around the country, from Washington state to Hawaii to Arizona. I have three kids, all girls, and they are actively involved in Girl Scouts along with beginning some new activities here in the fall. We partake in a lot of therapy as one of our girls is in the special needs community.

PWM:  How are you involved in the community?

Tiffany: Right now, mainly Girl Scouts. With three young kids, a business, and a day job during the week, I have found very little time for other activities. We do face paint for fundraisers from Festival of Trees to the Center on Rosser.

PWM:  Do you work downtown and what do you like best about that?

Tiffany: We face paint at events downtown, which is an absolute blast! Being part of the Frontier Days Festival and the Boot Drop is so much fun! We get to bring a side of color to the joys of Prescott Downtown events.

PWM:  What else do you want to add that people might not know about you, or what you do/offer?

Tiffany: This is a local, mom-owned business. I focus on face painting, and also offer belly bump painting, airbrush tattoos, water-resistant face painting, fairy hair, glitter tattoos, and bubble braids. We will be adding balloon art shortly as Prescott has a shortage of balloon artists. Also, we love teaching others and will be hosting monthly face-painting jams in the near future for anyone interested in learning more about face and body art.

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