The Sean Goté Gallery in west Prescott has been open for about a year with artwork that grabs your attention and stimulates the senses filling every corner of the bright and open space.

Now, the Sean Goté Gallery, 702 W. Gurley St., has opened a bar serving martinis (by Sean), wines and other specialty cocktails. The newly opened bar area is open Thursdays through Saturdays with varying hours, and the entire gallery is also available to host private parties and events.

Owner Dolores Hart is excited about the possibilities with the expanded gallery and new bar to host friends and neighbors.

If you like fun and little whimzie, Dolores invites you to come visit her gallery and see for yourself. Sean Goté Gallery is truly a great addition to Prescott, so check out some art and enjoy a glass of chardonnay.

Dolores met and married Sean Goté in 1999 and moved with him to his home state of Wyoming where they opened a unique Gallery/bar/restaurant.  Dolores was the cook, waitress, and chief bottle washer.  Sean painted pictures in the window and was the bartender.  After 20 years Dolores put her foot down saying “winters here suck…..We are moving somewhere warm.”

They searched the West looking for a new home and chose Prescott as their best choice to take the best of what they had created in Wyoming and bring it to Prescott.

They opened their new gallery after spending a year renovating and remodeling.  They are now open with not just a Art Gallery, but, have created a most unique adventure with Sean’s paintings, Dolores’s jewelry, unusual and one of a kind home decorating item, and a collection of rugs, furniture, stain glass lamps, and just fun cool stuff.

Born in San Antonio, Texas in 1959, Dolores served in the Navy as Communications Specialist. After an honorable discharge 1981, she put herself through college at University of California, Long Beach, Ca., as waitress at Walley’s Waffle House.  She graduated in textile and fabrics,  and after working in the textile industry for several years opened her own uniform company Workshirt in San Jose, Ca.  That business is still thriving after 28 years and is now partially owned and run by her sister Rikki.

If that isn’t enough, Sean has created a most wonderful outdoor garden with fountains, sculptures, whirligigs, chimes, and a life size bronze lion.  A place where you can sit and enjoy the sounds of water and beautiful surroundings, (and an occasional car zooming by on Gurley street).

 Through hard work, Dolores, has obtained a liquor license and added a full bar and small seating area in the gallery.  She explains she does not want to be a Bar/bar.

She is making a place for friends and customers who want a quiet, quaint place to come and meet new like minded people and have a great martini (by Sean) or a glass of good wine. The bar area, for now, is open noon to 8ish pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or by appointment or coincidence. Sean has put in a large stage for occasional live music and a  14 ft movie screen for movie night.  The gallery is also available for smaller private parties and events.

Dolores is always looking for ways to add fun and interesting things to the Gallery.  How about a wine tasting party, or a fashion show? Maybe it will be an art class with friends? Keep watchging. For her it is about bringing a fresh and new fun place to the community and being a part of the great and historic place that is Prescott.

You can find out more about Dolores and the Sean Goté Gallery at, or by calling (928) 445-2233.