Una Voce Women’s Choir … ‘an exceptionally special choir’

By Tara Fort

Una Voca Women’s Choir “highlights many individual voices and personalities, and through music, we come together to share our music as one voice,” said Arlene Hardy, Founder and Artistic Director.

The effect, according to choir member Pat McCarver: “an amazing experience of creating something collectively that is greater than each individual singer could produce.” She added, “Singing in a choir is Arlene is able to meld our individual voices into a blend that is really magical.”

Arlene brings her rich musical background to foster leadership, accomplishment, self-worth, teamwork, and pride through women and music. She directed a women’s choir in Prescott for ten years before directing the women’s choir at Yavapai College for eight—and before starting Una Voce, an auditioned women’s choir, which is comprised of women aged 18 and beyond and is generously supported by the Elks Performing Arts Center.

Arlene said, “I invite all interested singers to come and audition. Many hesitate because it has been a long time since they have participated in a choir, and they feel vocally out of shape. I love to hear a voice’s potential and rebuild it within our choral community.”

Member Angela Reed said, “I watched for 20 years and then mustered the courage to join, and it has resulted in one of my top ten best choices I’ve made in my life.”

Member Robin Berry added, “I have sung in many groups, and Una Voce is hands down of the highest quality I have experienced. I am so glad to see the range of ages of the group, showing that the level of quality spans all ages. Arlene knows how to get the most from her singers.”

Arlene said, “Singers who participate can expect excellence in performance and also a wonderful community of women. While performing a wide and diverse repertoire, Una Voce remains steadfast in providing a vibrant and welcoming place for women to share the joy of singing together, promote choral works for all genres, and trust to achieve the highest standards of musical excellence.”

With an accommodating schedule for rehearsal times (Mondays from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.), Arlene said she finds that, while many of the women can make both rehearsal times, having alternating day and evening rehearsals during the week allows everyone an opportunity to come to one or the other to balance work or family life.

With the priority on and importance of valuing what can be achieved together while each individual is supported, Arlene and her guides embrace each member’s uniqueness and strengths to help expand the worldview and accept diversity.

Member Leslie Sparkman added, “Una Voce has been an exceptionally special choir to be a part of, and I am incredibly grateful for the support this group of women has for its members. We make beautiful music together, and our rehearsals and concerts are full of joy and laughter.”

The upcoming concert season promises to deliver elegance and intimate ambiance in the Crystal Hall at the Elks Performing Arts Center, with the Christmas Reflection Concert on Thursday, December 7, and the Annual Hats Off to Spring Concert on Sunday, May 5. Both will have new musical offerings and seasonal refreshments for attendees to enjoy. For tickets and availability, visit www.prescottelkstheatre.org.

For more information about Una Voce, email Arlene Hardy at [email protected] to set up a date and time for a non-stress audition.