Learn Something New in the Rafter Eleven Kitchen: Monthly Classes to Make Gourmet Meals Easy

By Brooke Wasowicz

At Rafter Eleven we’re all about using quality products to create something amazing, and it doesn’t have to be complicated! You don’t have to have the fancy title of ‘Chef’ to be good in the kitchen.

All you need is a little bit of inspiration, plenty of great ingredients, and a willingness to try something new every once in a while! Whether you’re seasoned in the kitchen, or you love a themed meal, the cooking classes at Rafter Eleven are a fun, stress-free way to learn a new dish or two.

Simplicity. Taste. Education. Fun. Those are the foundation of every cooking class we offer at Rafter Eleven. We love our products (naturally infused oils and balsamic vinegar to name a couple), and we love teaching our community how to pair unique flavors together and how to use them in everyday cooking. The best part is it can be fun and easy.

Each month, we host a cooking class with a theme ranging from Tasty Tapas to NOLA Eats and everything in between! We bring our favorite local chef, Chef Deb, who curates the recipes from scratch and uses a pairing of oil and vinegar in each dish, even the desserts! Chef Deb does all the work and demonstrates each course.

As a guest, you receive a complete recipe booklet and to a sample of every single dish from her four-course menu. Did we mention that each course comes with a complimentary wine sample as well? You get to learn how to make an entire themed meal, which infused oils and vinegars to use in each course, and the best varietal of wine to complement each dish. Living the gourmet life has never been so easy!

Teaching our patrons has always been a core value at Rafter Eleven. We know we have great products, and we want you to know how to use them every day in your own kitchen. Plus, your friends and family will be so impressed when you whip up a coursed meal for your next get together. Just don’t forget the wine!

Join us every month to learn how to create easy gourmet meals! Come to learn something new with your friends and stay a while longer to sip some wine and listen to live music. Cooking classes are always on a Saturday at 1 p.m. featuring the one and only Chef Deb.

Call 928.227.2050 or book your spot online today at raftereleven.com.

We’ll see you at your favorite community spot!