The women of The Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation work to ensure infrastructure is in place

Every month, the Prescott Valley Economic Foundation’s (PVEDF) board of directors meets to discuss the region’s economic development efforts. Five of those members are outstanding women who have taken the extra step to ensure the community’s success.

Current Board Chair, Jeri Ann Kooiman, has been a PVEDF board member for more than a decade. She has been involved in the smart growth the Prescott Valley region is currently witnessing. As the owner of Kooiman Realty, she understands firsthand the importance of having a thriving economy and supporting the region’s economic development efforts.

Another board member, Danielle Rickert, owner of Sir Speedy Printing, said, “Growth will happen whether you like it or not. It is our responsibility to make sure there is proper infrastructure for the inevitable growth that will occur.”

Arizona Public Service (APS) is recognized for providing clean, affordable, and reliable power. However, not many people know how involved the organization is in the overall economic growth of the community. Mackenzie Rodgers, APS Northern Arizona Division Director, is a prime example of this. Her leadership has been crucial to landing great manufacturing projects in the area.

When asked why economic development was necessary for a community, Mackenzie answered, “If you live in a city that isn’t growing, it is dying. In short, as a resident in a city with strong economic development, I can live and work in a beautiful place with all the amenities I need for a great company that pays a livable wage.”

Yavapai College is another essential partner of PVEDF and plays a vital role in economic development. Companies considering relocating to Yavapai County want to make sure a qualified workforce is available.

Dr. Lisa Rhine, President of Yavapai College and a PVEDF board member, understands the importance of economic growth, which is why the college continues to support economic development efforts. She said, “Yavapai College partners with PVEDF and other economic development entities to meet with companies considering our region for their business. Our Regional Economic Development Center provides excellent resources to entrepreneurs, local companies, and small businesses.”

The Town of Prescott Valley is another essential PVEDF partner.

The town has invested time, resources, and money to ensure the success of the organization.  Lori Hunt, Vice Mayor, sits on the PVEDF board. She understands the value of having a robust economic development plan.

“Without economic growth,” she said, “we wouldn’t have the funds for public safety and so many other resources. The role PVEDF plays is creating higher-paying jobs, and that provides security for our families.”

With the support of the board of directors, PVEDF focuses on empowering the Prescott Valley region to grow strategically to meet the needs of every resident.