General Manager of The Raven Café Loves her Hometown Today More Than Ever 

Prescott Woman Magazine interviewed Raven Paccioni, General Manager of The Raven Café. We learned about the Paccionis’ passion for supporting their community, raising their kids here, and creating a safe space for everyone.

PWM: How long have you been a member of the Prescott Downtown Partnership?

Raven: The Raven Café has been a member of The Prescott Downtown Partnership since 2007! We opened our doors in 2006 and joined the partnership a year later.

PWM: Tell me a little bit about what brought you to Prescott and what you do at the café.

Raven: Prescott has been my hometown since birth. I grew up in Dewey on a large ranch and have moved my way closer to downtown ever since. I started in food and beverage at the age of 16. I have slowly made my way up from being a busser, to a server, to now the General Manager of The Raven Café. At one point, I left Prescott for some college, but that did not last long. I love raising my children here.

PWM: What about the PDP organization is different from others in the area, and what do you personally enjoy best about being in the PDP group?

Raven:  PDP is different from other organizations as it brings businesses together. What PDP is doing now is highlighting women in business and I find that particularly awesome.

PWM: Are you on the board, or on a committee with PDP?

Raven: We are not currently on the board or the committee of PDP. I do encourage more women and business owners to be on the board of the PDP.

PWM: Do you have family here, kids, or other activities?
Most of my family grew up in Prescott and Prescott Valley but they have since moved elsewhere with their own families. I have two boys, ages eight and nine, and a loving fiancé who I grew up with (I was a cheerleader for his Pop Warner football team!). We participate in coaching sports for local children, and we support any program that is in favor of children. My boys participate in football, basketball, baseball, and fencing. We are always trying to find something new and anything that involves community support.

PWM: How are you involved in the community?

Raven: My family and I volunteer for youth sports. We coach anything we can! The Raven Café and I are in full support of Save the Dells, Arizona Children’s, Yavapai C.A.S.A. for Kids, Northland Cares, the LGBTQ community, local musicians, local artists, and many other things we support each and every day. The Raven Café is a Safe Space, meaning we welcome anyone regardless of race, sex, or political views.

PWM: Do you work downtown and what do you like best about that?

Raven:  Yes, The Raven Café is located just a minute away from Whiskey Row at 142. N Cortez St., within walking distance to everything downtown Prescott has to offer. I love working in my small community because I get to see so many lovely faces. I get to smile everyday with the people who share the same love of Prescott. I get to see politicians, local medical staff, activists, writers, mothers, fathers, and everything in between. I am lucky to converse with these people every day.

PWM: What else do you want to add that people might not know about you, or what you do/offer?

Raven: People know me as Raven from The Raven. And that’s who I am! The Raven is my home. I am also a mother of two and attending Yavapai College full-time for nursing. I am a full supporter of my entire Raven staff, supporting them in any endeavors they are trying to accomplish. I am their cheerleader as they move on to Division 1 schools or their coach through a tough interview with an elite company. I love my staff and the city I live in!