Native Prescottonians—and sisters—run One Hundred Chairs, offering a unique flair for celebrations of every kind

By Tara Fort

Sisters Annie Sharp and Holly Jones of One Hundred Chairs specialize in adding a personal touch and unique flair to life celebrations of every type.

Their venture started in March 2017 and has flourished into a growing relationship. From a 100th birthday celebration, to a new business launch party, to a just-because dinner party with friends, or a pop-up wedding in the woods, the duo is experiencing the growth of repeat clientele they never would have expected.

Annie said, “In what areas have people not had to be a little more creative in recent times? Luckily, being creative is part of our gig and has brought us some pleasant unforeseen surprises that helped our business thrive—one of which was the desire for people to celebrate all moments in life much more so than ever before.”

One Hundred Chairs offers vintage-inspired rentals for weddings and unique personal gatherings, and also design services and styling. Its collections range from pub garden benches for a European flair, to lifestyle furniture that leans into elevated dining and gathering—complete with holiday props and dainty details of dinnerware and glassware suitable to special occasions.

Part of the fourth generation of a long-standing Prescott family, Holly said, “Although we consider ourselves lucky to have been born and raised in a place like Prescott, it’s often easy to forget or take for granted how wonderful a place it really is. Seeing people view our little hometown as a destination spot for their memorable moments keeps us humble and a little bit in awe.”

Annie added, “Our business is a niche market and we feel in some ways that Prescott’s small-town vibe allows it to thrive through a clientele who appreciate details and personalization.”

Both women acknowledge that their family history adds to their pride in the community and the importance of carrying on the tradition of providing quality and personalized service.

While some may find challenges working with family, these sisters do enjoy working together and add, “We both have such respect for each other that making the leap to run a business together was easy. Learning to embrace and utilize each of our individual strengths has been a necessary component of our success.”

The oldest and youngest girl in the Favour family, Annie is the backbone who handles daily operations and logistics, while Holly is the creative mind behind the execution of each event.

They both add, “While we have to be mindful of the comfort level and balance of ‘challenge versus bonus,’ there is a sweet spot when both a sister and a business partner overlap, and sharing those moments along with our successes together is a job perk like no other!”

For more information about the services and collections offered by One Hundred Chairs or to schedule a personal consultation, visit or call 928.275.2784.  Showroom available by appointment only.