Reliable, leading-edge technologies provide locals with the stability, comfort, and peace of mind they need most in today’s world

For Prescott-area residents, the most important thing after staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is staying connected. All online activities—school, work, and play—are up and the reliance on the quality, reliable, fast internet has never been more significant.

In 2020, internet networks were stress-tested like never before; Netflix saw an influx of over 16 million users added last year and Zoom saw a staggering increase of daily meeting participants from 10 million in December 2019, to 300 million by April 2020.

For Prescott-based Audio Plus, a company specializing in home entertainment and electronics, the pivot from business as usual to the premier internet services installer was an easy one.

“We were deemed an essential business, and this last year made me appreciate just how important fast and reliable internet is to people,” said Gary Hounslow, owner of Audio Plus.

In addition to the essential utility that internet service and home network stability provides, many Prescottonians went a step further and invested in Home automation services, which provided that extra level of comfort for those staying committed to quarantine. Home automation can help remove all the little micro-actions that can clutter up a person’s day, especially now, when we’re experiencing Increased stress having the kids at home and adjusting to new technology and routines.

Given the unprecedented need for home internet capabilities, many residents turned to Audio Plus for guidance. Each home is a little different than the next. For some families, a robust mesh of internet hardware and network programming ensured that the different needs were met of those attending school and those handling their workload from home.

This reliance on internet service stretched beyond just those living in the same household. It also gave many of us comfort, thanks to the opportunity to see our loved ones’ faces in real-time through video calling, assuring us they were staying healthy and happy. This technology kept many of us grounded and connected during such trying times.

Home security took a front seat as well; it goes beyond technology to dissuade potential theft and extends to advanced fire, carbon monoxide, and other warning systems that give families the peace of mind needed right now.

Every home is different; and for Audio Plus, the main goal is working with clients and finding the solutions that fit their budget, their home, and their family. You can rest assured that you won’t need to learn the technical details; With home automation products such as Control4 and, the operation is simple, and you can leave the hard stuff up to Audio Plus.

When the “new normal” becomes the “old normal” again, the technologies that Audio Plus provides will only serve to make our lives a little easier, a little faster, and a little more connected to one another.

For more information about Audio Plus, visit them at 3739 Karicio Lane in Prescott, call 928.771.9454 or visit