1.5 miles, up and down through remote granite outcroppings, out to the dam on the north side of Watson Lake, and back to the parking area.

Where to Go

Take Highway 89 to Granite Dells Road and turn east. Go about a mile and look for the marked parking lot with City of Prescott signage. Please show respect for the private property owners in the area, many of whom collaborated with the city to make these trails available to the public. Throughout this entire trail, city signage makes it easy to go in the right direction and avoid private property.

What to Expect

This is a relatively short loop trail with little significant elevation change. There will be plenty of climbing through the rocky section of the dells and flatter areas along a lush waterway.

The Flume Trail has varied vegetation as it moves through rugged rocky dells and along a riparian area (a section of Granite Creek) beneath the dam.

“This is the tale of two trails,” said Chris Hosking, city of Prescott’s trails specialist. “You are bouldering in the first half then hiking along a lush riparian area on the way back.”

The Flume Trail, in particular, has so many hidden areas that make you feel like you are far off in the wilderness when, in reality, you are in city limits and near roads and homes. Each turn around a granite outcropping is a surprising new space where children and grownups can explore the dells.

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