Experienced master stylist and colorist opens new salon in Prescott Valley and looks forward to building a clientele and a community

By Hilary Dartt • Photo by Trisha Shaffer

Owning a salon where she can combine her passions for cosmetology and art is a dream come true for master stylist and colorist Laura Covell.

This summer, she opened Alchemist Studio, an eco-friendly salon, in Prescott Valley—and she said during a recent interview that she looks forward to building not just a clientele, but also a community.

Although Laura offers a full menu of services, she especially enjoys and is known for, corrective cuts and color.

“When I get a big project, I get a little giddy about it,” she said. “I love a big makeover. I like to problem solve, and I like the challenge.”

A self-described “chemistry nerd,” Laura loves creating the perfect mix of color products to ensure her clients’ hair turns out just the way they want it.

“Just to see people’s reactions,” she said. “Sometimes they get tears in their eyes. To be able to help them like that—I love it.”

Every client should have a hairstyle that fits their lifestyle. “I want people to be confident with their hair, not to feel like they need to stress.”

Whether someone wants to be wash-and-go or spend a little time styling, she said, “I love to be able to help with that.”

“When people are confident with what they look like, it makes everything easier.”

A strong sense of community, borne of growing up in small-town Ohio, is important to Laura, too. She loves networking, and connecting clients with one another when the need arises.

Laura said she “always wanted to be a cosmetologist.” She had two aunts who were in the business. Her parents encouraged her to pursue a more reliable career, and she attended Malone University in Canton, Ohio, before launching her fine arts business. After a while, art—which she’d once considered a stress reliever—became a job, and she decided a change was in order.

In 2011, she graduated at the top of her class from Regency Beauty Institute in Tucson.  To continue her education, she shadowed a talented local barber on her days off and completed Paul Mitchell training working at a popular Paul Mitchell focus salon.

Always wanting to learn more, she sought out a high-end luxury salon where the owners and stylists were willing to teach her all they knew from their 30 years of experience. They supported her in seeking training on new advanced color placement and cutting techniques to keep up with trends.

She opened her own salon in Chandler in 2017. After her first two years in business, she achieved five consecutive Best of Chandler “Hair Salon” awards (2019-2023). Recently, Laura and her boyfriend, Shaun, decided to move to the Prescott area and with that move, she relocated to Alchemist Studio.

She considers doing hair another form of art and applies much of what she learned in art school to her current role.  She most recently trained for her Invisible Bead Extensions certification, giving her another medium to work with.

Shaun came up with the name for the salon after giving Laura the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho; it’s a story about following your dreams. The two have been together for more than seven years, and it’s their tradition that he’s her first client whenever she opens a new chair or salon.

Laura is accepting new clients always offers a consultation and guarantees her work; call or go online to make an appointment.

Alchemist Studio is at 3050 N. Navajo, Suite 106 in Prescott Valley. See a full list of services and book an appointment at www.alchemiststudio6.com. Follow Alchemist Studio on Facebook @alchemiststudio6 and Instagram @alchemiststudio. Call 480.318.0449 or email [email protected] for more information or to book an appointment.