There’s a new brokerage in town: Glow Realty is all about personal connection and high-touch service

By Hilary Dartt

When Carissa Maxwell set out to become a real estate agent, she did so to change her life. This past January, when she launched Glow Realty, she did it so she could change the lives of others.

Carissa got her real estate license in August of 2013 and set out to work part-time, investing more and more time as her kids started school. This quickly led to a full-time passion for selling homes and the beginning of awakening within her to be the best. That’s when things took off … and she got a taste of what success could really look like.

In 2015, she started The Maxwell Group to answer the need for better service in underserved markets. “I needed to be in three different places at once, and couldn’t be. So, I hired women like me. I knew they were hungry. I just had to teach them how to fish.”

She got her broker’s license four years ago and through last year, The Maxwell Group operated under a big brand. But, Carissa had started to realize that real estate is hyper-local by nature and especially in this area. “People don’t necessarily care about the big brand as much as they care about a referral from someone they trust and the quality of the experience they have.”

That’s why she launched Glow Realty. The brand reflects what Carissa believes draws people to Northern Arizona—“They want to be outside and are seeking a lifestyle around that”—and her own love for being outdoors.

She and a friend recently hiked the Prescott Triple Crown on Foot—Granite Mountain, Thumb Butte, and Spruce Mountain; they were the first women to complete the 38-mile challenge in one day.

“This is the future of real estate—you have to be authentically you. Building a personal brand is everything.”

Thanks to what Carissa calls a “boutique, high-touch, concierge service,” Glow Realty’s fresh, efficient structure benefits not only its clients but also its agents.

“We understand what clients need and want,” she said, “and what they’re looking for is an agent who will provide the best experience possible, every time.”

Glow Realty is the new home of The Maxwell Group: Sarah White and Soleil Brigham in the Sedona and Verde Valley area, and Karyn Finnell and Carissa in the Prescott and Quad Cities area.

“My brand doesn’t need to be huge to be impactful,” Carissa said.

In line with the themes of connection and impact, The Maxwell Group hosts monthly small business mixers (The Maxwell Group Mixer), bringing together clients and small business owners at a new location every month. “It gives our clients a great reason to experience something new, a way to connect with others who are moving here and encourages support to local businesses.”

“It’s in line with what small business is about in Prescott—this idea that we’re in this together,” Carissa said.

“I’m betting on myself now. I’m betting on the level of service we provide. Now we’re going to shine a light on what that looks and feels like.”

Learn more at or on Facebook @prescottsedonarealestate or Instagram @glowrealtyaz.